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Antarctica Secrets - Admiral Byrd - Operation Highjump And The Land Of Everlasting Mystery

Updated on December 18, 2017

Admiral Byrd

Legendary explorer, naval officer and aviator Admiral Byrd participated in five Antarctic expeditions during his lifetime. His Antarctic explorations spread out over the course of thirty years. He is the only person to have explored Antarctica that extensively, and what the highly decorated Naval Officer relayed to the world about Antarctica and his experiences there was truly astonishing.

Admiral Byrd


Operation Highjump

Admiral Byrd was a well respected man, American hero, and international public figure. He served in both World War I and World War II, and had over twenty two years of service with the U.S Navy. The recipient of numerous medals and honors he was entrusted with some of the U.S Navy's most daring and challenging expeditions.

Admiral Byrd first started exploring Antarctica in 1928, and those explorations continued until 1956 when he took part in Operation Deepfreeze, an expedition that established the first permanent bases in Antarctica and that was also the start of a permanent U.S presence on the continent. Admiral Byrd died less than a year later in 1957.

Prior to his death he wrote three books about his adventures in Antarctica giving the world a glimpse at what he saw and experienced there. After his death a secret diary surfaced as well. In that diary Admiral Byrd spoke of the most amazing things. He detailed seeing live mammoth on the plains beneath him as he flew over in his aircraft, spoke of incredible encounters with beings from ancient civilizations, and even described finding entrances that led to an inner earth. Admiral Byrd gave many interviews while alive as well, and many of those were televised. He was also quite candid in those interviews about the discoveries made in Antarctica much to the chagrin of the U.S government. In those interviews some of which can be heard in the video below, he discusses finding vast expanses of ice-free land and discovering huge quantities of precious resources such as coal and uranium. He also makes mention of the fact that Operation Highjump was "a military expedition" whose objective was "to look for some bases". What or whose bases he meant is not know. He may have been referencing German bases thought to be there since the 1938-1939 Neuschwabenland Expedition or bases that belonged to those other civilizations he spoke of.

Operation Highjump was an expedition that took place between 1946 and 1947, it was to date the single largest Antarctic expedition ever undertaken. It put 4,000 military personnel and every single asset the United States Navy had available to it at Admiral Byrd's disposal. It was during this expedition that some of the first Antarctic oasis were found. Areas where waters are warm and the land is ice free, areas that to this day confound scientists.

Oddly one of Operation Highjumps primary objectives was to train military personnel and test equipment in freezing conditions. Why this was done is inexplicable as the conditions that exist in Antarctica exist no place else on earth. Why spend money and expend resources to train personnel and test equipment for conditions that will never be encountered?

Antarctica Secrets | ADMIRAL BYRD | Operation Highjump

Antarctica Becomes Off Limits

Ever since Operation Deepfreeze and the signing of the Antarctic Treaty in 1959 Antarctica has been pretty much off limits to the general public. You now need a permit to go there and if you want to do exploratory research you must be part of a research team. Limited tours are permitted in some areas while others are completely off limits to humans. As a matter of fact, in 2016 John Kerry signed a pact that bans all private ships and citizens from travelling to the Southern coast of Antarctica for the next 35 years. There are however numerous scientific research and military bases there. Which bring us to the question of why? Why are so many military bases located there from different countries when the Antarctic Treaty strictly forbids any military activity on the mysterious continent?

Secretary John Kerry Visits Antarctica


Ice Free Antarctica

Stunningly several ancient maps have been discovered that depict an ice free Antarctica, the most well known one being the Piri Reis map. The Piri Reis map made by a turkish admiral in 1513 shows an ice free Antarctica, and compared with data collected by NASA it has been found to be incredibly accurate. It is believed that the Piri Reis map was made using information from other older maps. How could that be though? The continents history tells us that it was once part of the supercontinent Gondwana until about 80 million years ago. When it broke apart. Although the continent was known to have been a tropical environment at one time in it's past it was believed to be covered in ice and uninhabitable for millions of years. New data however from research conducted in 2013 on crustal displacement indicates that humans could have inhabited ice free areas there as recently as 12,000 years ago. If they did there is a good chance that evidence of past civilizations may still be preserved there.

Piri Reis Map


Prominent Visitors And Pyramids

2016 was a big year for Antarctica, many public figures and officials visited the continent aside from John Kerry Buzz Aldrin paid the continent a visit. There was also the discovery of what scientists believe may be several pyramids made. Buzz Aldrin became ill during his visit and had to be airlifted to a hospital, fueling people's curiosity several days later he purportedly made a strange tweet that stated "we are all in danger it's evil itself" and included a picture in the tweet of the newly discovered pyramids.

Will the mysterious white continent ever share it's secrets with us? Hopefully, until then we have no choice but to continue to wonder and speculate.

Pyramid Antarctica



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