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Anti-Bullying #MyCauseMyCleats - Zombie Squirts Style!

Updated on January 28, 2018
Zombiesquirts profile image

Mamma Z is the Author and Illustrator of the Children's Book Series "Zombie Squirts." She is on a mission to eliminate bullying!

The Zombie Squirts are dedicated to eliminating bullying and offer resources and tips to help kids around the world understand the importance of acceptance and love! I, Mamma Z, really wanted to add to the #MyCauseMyCleats movement in the best way that fits my passion!

Video Message from Mamma Z

In this video Mamma Z breaks down her inspiration behind the cleats and you can also watch the WHOLE drawing and coloring process from start to finish!! (In super fast forward, of course, we couldn't make a 4 hour long video!)

The Inspiration...

Alex Collins of the Baltimore Ravens was the original inspiration behind creating my own cleats for the #mycausemycleats movement!

The Tweet That Started It All!

Alex Collins had received a shout out on twitter from Carl Tubbs' Mother, Joanne Tubbs. ​Carl had been a victim of bullying because he was taking Irish Dancing Classes.

Alex Collins' Response...

This was by far the best response this mother could have gotten to tell her son. Not only is it inspiring, it's from one of the best football players in the game! He didn't HAVE to do a shout out or say anything AT ALL...but he did and that's what makes him such a special person.

​He truly inspired me to get all the materials together and make these cleats for the #mycausemycleats movement!

Alex Collins invited Carl and his family to a Baltimore Ravens Game!

Let's Hear From You...

Do you agree with Alex Collins' advice to Carl?

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Straight to the Drawing Board!

Being a Nike Fan, I found a pair of White Cleats that would work PERFECT to draw on and be a canvas for what was in my head! I knew I had a lot of hours ahead of me, but I had the idea in my head and in my heart.... I was DEDICATED!



FOUR hours and 5 paint markers later... my creation had been finished!

"Never stop doing the things you love because someone else doesn't agree. Chase your dreams Carl and don't let them stop you from being great!"

~ Alex Collins, Baltimore Ravens

I started on the left Cleat and just allowed myself to be expressive without a lot of restrictions. I knew I wanted a bunch of bright colors and words that inspire me in my fight against bullying.

  • No Bullying
  • Be Buddy...Not a Bully!
  • Speak Up
  • Say No To Hate
  • Words Do Hurt
  • Show Love
  • #mycausemycleats
  • Love
  • Stop The Hate

Now that I had my groove going from the first cleat, the second one was much easier!

I had been building up a design for the right shoe in my head and knew that I wanted the "Zombie Squirts" logo right on the front.

Be Buddy...Not a Bully!

Let's Hear From You...

Who Do You Think Will Win Superbowl LII?

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