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Anticipating nature's wrath

Updated on April 26, 2012


Preparing for Hurricane Irene

We have seen the aftermath of major hurricanes and other natural disasters leading to flooding, property damage, loss of personal possessions and sadly loss of life in news reports through the years. We are hoping that we never will be part of one but we have no control over that. I have seen the anticipation and after effects of major hurricanes in other parts of the country on major network broadcasts where cameras brought us up close to the devastation and sad realities affecting people like you and I. It just brings us a sense that there are things much bigger than we are and we have no control over these natural occurrences. We have to do all we possibly can to ensure protecting ourselves, our families and our homes and possessions but we are so very small in comparison to nature's forces and we must act in the best interest of our family and our loved ones and act prudently and wisely.

Sometimes we are swept up by the continuing coverage of the media in focusing on the weather occurrence and we need to pay close attention to the reports. We put our faith and trust in the weather forecasts from the meteorologists and experts and we must never discount what we hear. I don't recall having such fear from hearing the forecasts of a hurricane as I do right now. I remember a few hurricanes as a kid growing up and as a young adult and the reports of them coming and how my parents were concerned as they were happening but this present hurricane is really a major event that seems to be having widespread implications that is threatening all the east coast from the Carolina's to the New England states. We reside in Long Island and we are in the direct path of the hurricane. New York City has ordered mandatory evacuations in the anticipation of hurricane force winds, rains of up to 12 inches and severe flooding. This is starting to approach the status of "the perfect storm" even as a category 1 hurricane. We just don't know the true power of this hurricane slowly approaching our area but it is safe to say that we do not want to be caught in it as it hits us directly.

I will never forget the reports out of New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit and the complete devastation experienced in the surrounding communities. People were trapped as raging flood waters ran through the streets and surrounding areas. It was truly surreal seeing the devastation and the property damage. The loss of life was immeasurable. When we see reports of such devastation we are heartbroken and we hope that we learn from such sad tragedies. We also hope that we never see such devastation again but the painful reality is we will but we hope we never have to live through such a scary event. When it comes to nature and the weather there is so much to be concerned for and when the order is given to evacuate, then you must take the warning very seriously because homes and personal possessions can be replaced but lives are irreplaceable and our decisions must always be based on preserving life, especially our children and family.

I am very fortunate to work in a company with very caring people. They have arranged my family's stay at a hotel because our neighborhood is vulnerable to flooding from extreme heavy rains and because we have no basement to shelter us from the potentially dangerous winds fore-casted to hit 80 mph and higher. I am concerned for my son who is not comfortable with large crowds so shelters would be very intimidating to him. The office manager has my family's interest at heart and we are truly very appreciative of her concern and her efforts in making it possible in arranging a hotel stay for us during the duration of this highly anticipated hurricane.

I have many sentimental memories here at our house and I pray that all our neighbors will be safe and all our posessions and our home will withstand the severe weather conditions. It is very hard to leave the house but I must protect my family and in my heart I know it is much more important to protect our very lives then the posessions. I just hope that we have our house intact and everything is as we left it. I pray for that. I pray for all my coworkers and their families that they are all safe and that the company offices are safe from the threats of this intensifying hurricane.

As we prepare to leave for the hotel I am providing my wife with the information for our hotel so she can meet us there later. I hope that the hurricane is not as devastating as they believe it to be but I have already heard reports of major damage, heavy rains, flooding and sadly deaths from trees fallen and people not able to get out of harms way.

This is a very serious weather event and we all must take the necessary precautions to ensure protecting our family and keeping them safe. I have a fair supply of bottled water, food, snacks and our son's medication. I believe we all must make the necessary plans to ensure staying as safe as we possibly can during this unprecedented hurricane that has a lot of people talking. Just think about this, New York City rarely closes it's mass transportation systems yet today it did and it also ordered mandatory evacuations of all its residents. If the mayor feels this is necessary then I believe him and I realize the severity of the situation.

I wish everyone affected by this hurricane to be safe and to make sure they stay out of harm's way for the next couple of day. The rains here have already weakened the grounds and there are very real threats that the trees will fall down and can cause great damage. Another major concern is downed power lines. If you see such things you should stay clear and call emergency help.

Please stay safe and always remember that family comes first.

I will keep you posted hopefully!!!!!

Edward D. Iannielli III

Hurricane safety


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    • cmane profile image

      cmane 6 years ago from Australia

      Good luck,praying for you and your family.