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Ants as Pet

Updated on August 29, 2010

Kids enjoy to own pets and a few of them are more interesting than others. Have you come accross the idea of having ant as your pet. The cost of having ants as pet is very low.

Normally referred as an ant farm. You'll could get all the items to setup the ant farm cheaply. 

Usually you'll come across an ant farm at classroom as interesting teaching tool for children to be facinated with nature. If you watch the ants closely you will be fascinated by ants, it is amazing watching them deligently working and taking care of their nest.

What do ants really do in their nest? If you observe closely,  there are lot of activities that happens in any section of an ant colony. By having an ant farm you will be able to discover what is happening in the colony. It's a very informative . 

You'll be able to figure out  where they stock their food supply, how they interact between one another, how they coordinate their digging job, and also how they  clean up their colonies.

You could gather and localize any types of ants into an ant farm. There are types of ant farms that come in many dimension. It is up to you how big you want to build your ant farm. 

If you are tired of ants, you could simply release them into nature with any hesitation. You don't have to concern about their well being, since they could easily survive anywhere.

Acquire more information about ant farm and the types of ant that's suitable to keep as pet. It's a entertaining project and your kid will certainly be amused by the ants never ending active life.

Just Google to locate the nearest pet shop that sells an ant farm.

Ant Farm Video


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