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Any Old Bag Will Do

Updated on September 1, 2012
Here I am a year later.
Here I am a year later.

One of the things I enjoyed during my return to college was the number of projects I had to complete that pulled on my creativity. While hated by many, I secretly enjoyed (or perhaps not so secret) Speech Class also known as Human Communications. I was no stranger to public speaking as I had done my share which included a stint on the stage of community theatre. What I wasn’t prepared for was the immediate feedback and critiques. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I don’t know if it did much for my public speaking ability but it certainly has done a lot for my writing.

These tend to breed without notice.
These tend to breed without notice.

I need a bag... any bag....

What has this to do with bags? Actually this article references the first speech I gave which was about aspects of my life. The assignment stated we need to bring in three things that represented our past, our present and our future. We carried these items in a bag that, depending on the type, is significant to us.

Therefore I grabbed the first available bag in the living room. This bag says I’m cheap. Or does it? I prefer to think of it as being frugal. For example one could think of it as having champagne tastes on a Kool-aid ® budget.

Michelle Trice and Louis S. Trice
Michelle Trice and Louis S. Trice

The Past

The first item is a portrait of my deceased father and sister, Louis Trice and Michele Trice, when my sister was very young. It is a charcoal drawing that my mother, Montero Trice, had created from an old photograph many years ago. At this point in time my family lived in the ‘projects’ of New York City so it was a time of struggle. Although being the youngest child I don’t remember any of this time and I think I was the only one who was born in the house my parents bought. There was a large age difference between me and my siblings and I often felt like an only child as I got older. While I spent little time with them growing up, I tended to worship my father and had bad case of hero worship of my elder sister. And the one thing I know even though they are gone is that they loved me.

Yes, this is my cat. Rajah.
Yes, this is my cat. Rajah.
ECPI University Graduation
ECPI University Graduation

The Present

The second item is a representation of my present. A four year old Toshiba laptop. At this time (2010 – 2012) I have returned to college to get an education or more precisely a degree. Years ago I went to a community college with the intention of becoming a marine biologist. Then I took college chemistry and my brain imploded. I decided I wasn’t meant to be a marine biologist and then changed my plans to become an astronaut. Then I encountered college algebra.

Before I could consider another career change I got deeply distracted by the college social life. College theatre, student government, college newspaper (“The Crier”) and the college radio station. While that all sounded good in theory, my grades suffered and I eventually left college without much to show for it. Well, I do have a bunch of really nice memories of fun.

“Daniel, dial the Stargate for the present day”. My life took a lot of unexpected turns and career choices, but I can’t really complain. On the whole my life has been full of interesting moments. Now I am back in school or more precisely I’m back at college pursuing a degree in something I love doing. Web Development.

Best Selling Author: ME!!!!
Best Selling Author: ME!!!!

The Future

This last item represents my future. I will plan to own my own businesses and they will be successful. The parent company will be called Ebonmoon Company. The child businesses will be Ravenstar Crafts which a showcase for all my handmade crafts. Starhawk Designs will be my website design company. Last but not least I will be a published author. While my grades keep me off the Dean’s List, but I no longer doubt my ability to tell a good story. So of course I will have to have my author’s website.

From these items is the lesson is that the past affects us all. My past has shaped me, but I decided not to let it define me. I can attain my goals. I have a plan. Perhaps my goals seem rather lofty but this is a phrase I remember from high school that has stuck with me to this day.

“Aim for the stars. If you don’t reach them, you’ll still land pretty high.”


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