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Apocalypse…end of the world….yet again?

Updated on December 21, 2012

Since we are close to a new date set for a Doomsday (December 21 2012) I thought to write a little article that should cover some of the aspects of the so called end of the world.

The base of this prophecy resides in discovery of artifacts from Mayan culture from which was deducted that Mayan calendar end at this fatidic date. From here was born the myth that this is the day that would bring an end of the human life as we know it. There are two main theories about the event that will happen in this fatidic day: there will be a collision between Earth and some unknown planet called Nibiru that will generate a catastrophic explosion or there will be a planetary alignment that will affect Earth in the worst possible way.

This of course is a hoax, generated by the media in the name of, you guessed, profit. Why this is a hoax is explained quite detailed here

I could assimilate this in a way with “Nigerian letters”, a scam determined to extort some cash from innocent people. The problem is that this sort of behavior from the press creates mass panic that can and probably will end tragically for some people that believe deeply in this kind of things. This phenomenon is so worrying that even NASA thought to eliminate all the misconception generated by this story (see above).

It is estimated that around 10% of world population believe that the world will end in December 21 2012. All this nonsense will lead to a sharp increase of the suicide rates all over the world during December 2012, peaking in this fatidic day. And is all for nothing. Since the Roman Empire, over 180 dates of “apocalypse” were nominated and of course proved wrong. Some of the peoples that nominated such doomsday were quite important based on their accomplishments or notoriety, from which we can mention Sir Isaac Newton, Pope Innocent III, Sandro Botticelli or Nostradamus.

Problem is that peoples never learn. December 21 2012 will pass, some unfortunate enough will find their end and others will go on waiting for the next doomsday. Already there are more established dates during the next three hundred years set for a doomsday to come. You could expect that once a fatidic date became obsolete the trust of people in this kind of prediction will fall. It never does, but why this happens is a question for psychologists.

I hope that after reading this article and especially the explanations presented by NASA some of the people that deeply believe in this to question themselves about some of the aspects nominated here.



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