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Appeal of Cham Tower architecture in Binh Dinh

Updated on April 8, 2016

Pacification-land was dubbed the "land of the sky martial arts writer" of Vietnam, where the blend between the mountains to the sea, where nearly 5 centuries as a center of the ancient Champa State. On the rich tradition of this civilization, today shines with the historical value and cultural heritage be preserved over time. Mark on Champa up immensely rich, diverse in type, lot number ... all blend to create should appeal irresistible for those who hardly ever set foot in this place.

Situated in the Tay son district, the other side of the River opposite the Ocean Tower Long Con is Its Tower. By that so far still wonder folk verse:

Who built the ancient tower of steadfastness

The other side of the seat, this side of the Ocean.

The water in the River, strawberry crush detector hot,

The heroes inscribed to thousand of currency.

Far far away to dump the Martin bird blind,

Stewed long asked gov, et du waited on.

The Tower's elegant Defensive strokes Charity

The tower is built on a map of squares. The Tower has a small scale but is there architectural designs and delivers the most full featured elements for style of Champa. That is the dome shaped doors break up, the decorative columns soaring to smooth not decoration, the original cascade tower by each other. Concision in the back to create beauty, for Its Tower.

The boundary between two districts of An Nhon and Phu cat, as long as 29 m-high Phu loc Tower located atop the Hill. Despite ruined quite a lot but in general view the tower still has the shape of a surface, the Majesty of the buildings.

Phu Loc tower with majestic appearance

The tower was built around in the early twelfth century, tongue-shaped door arch soaring up to 6 m high grade, surrounded the upper part of each arch is the bas-relief. To stand in this place, you can see both the vast plains of the two districts of An Nhon and Phu Cat.

Located within the city Nhon Hau commune, Jaya district of An Nhon Quy Nhon city, about 27 km to the Northwest, the Wing First Tower about 20 m, has a square surface with sophisticated décor to complete degrees.

Elegant strokes of the wings

Different from the other Wing turrets, Champa Tower first built a section of sandstone in the outer half of the wall and the leading column. At the four corners are sculpted into Phoenix tail protrude.


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