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The Incrediable Edible Apple

Updated on May 27, 2013

Apples are Wonderful!


Apple Health Benefits

Apples are rich in antitoxins and fights cancer. .According to www.hort.purdue/educ, 2000 A.D.-Research at the University of California discovers powerful new antioxidants in apples .Apples should be purchased when their skins are shinny and intact. Never purchase soft or bruised apples. Store apples in a plastic bag in your refrigerator for up to six weeks. Apples can easily be added to you daily diet. According to, http://www.nutrition-and-ou.comapples/fruits.html. "The antioxidants help health promoting and disease prevention properties; thus justifying the adage "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." A salad containing unpeeled apples is refreshing and tasty. The skins contain most of the antioxidants which prevent disease causing cell damage. The red and different colors of various apple types is appealing to both our taste buds as well as our sight.Thus, the enjoyable visual impact stimulates our appetites.

Apples are part of the rose family.They thrive in cold weather apples . Apple trees from buds and then are grafted. Apple trees can bare fruit for up to one hundred years. Growers usually replace trees every forty years. United States is one of the highest produces of apples in the world .Apples are grown in every state in the United States.Washington state produces fifty-four percent of the apples grown commercially.Once irrigation was established apples were grown in Washington State. Thus, a billion dollar business was born. Twenty-nine states grow apples commercially.China leads the world in apple production. United States is second followed by Iran, Turkey, Russia, and India.

Apple Celebration In England

Brogdale Collections Apple Festival 2013

19th - 20th October

Faversham, Kent

ME138XZ, United Kingdom


The Apple Harvest Is Celebrated World Wide

North Americans and Europeans' prefer sweet apples that are slightly tart. Asians like very sweet apples with little or no acidity especially in India.

Their are many kinds of apples. Cooking apples are larger and are somewhat tart in taste.. Their are apples that are duel purpose for cooking and eating . Cooking with apples is a lot of fun. Your kitchen fills up with this wonderful aroma. Enjoy rrthe apple pie receipt link below.

Apple festivals have been celebrated for centuries. They are great fun for the entire family. The apple harvest time is celebrated world-wide. Many orchards allow you to pick apples.

According to producepete.comshows/apples/apple/httml, "I love apple season. There are few things better then a apple eaten out of hand."

Apple History 101

The apple as we know it today reached North America in the seventeenth century. The colonists brought apples from England. The Indians enjoyed apples but; they were small and sour. Honey bees were shipped to North America in 1622. The Indians called honey bees English flies or white man's flies. Apples needed to be pollinated. Once pollinated ;;the apples were plentiful and sweet..

According to,www., "The British who occupied Long Island during the Revolutionary War (1775-1783) had considered the William Prince Nursery so important that they put an armed guard around the nursery to protect it."


nutrition-and-you Apple Trivia




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