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Applying Student Dependent Visa for Australia

Updated on July 8, 2021
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When you wish to apply study visa for any destination of your choice and have a partner or child dependent on you, you need to check the visa provisions of that particular country. If the country is Australia, you need not worry and no need to leave them behind. You can apply for their visa along with your visa application.

On the other side if you are applying for your visa or you are already on a study visa in Australia, still you have the option to apply for their visa as a subsequent entrant. Subclass 500 prescribes some requirements that must be satisfied for approval of their visa applications. In all cases, the duration of their visa will depend upon the visa of the main applicant.

Student Dependent Visa
Student Dependent Visa | Source

Eligibility to apply visa under this category

Who are eligible to apply under this category or, in other words, which can apply for a student dependent visa. Family members include your partner and you and your partner's dependent children. In other simple words, dependent that can apply for a visa under this visa clause include your spouse or de facto partner. De facto partner means when you are not married, but you live like married and have a relationship. A person under this clause can apply if the relationship is at least 12 months old and the relationship is genuine and exclusive in nature. Similarly, a dependent child to apply under this category should depend on you or your partner and has not turned 18.

All existing members must be declared timely

It is mandatory under subclass 500 that you declare all your relationships at the time of your first application. Whether you are married or single should be clearly mentioned in the application. It is not relevant whether the dependent is accompanying you or not. If you fail to mention at the time of the first application, it would be difficult to add them later or at the time of the subsequent application.

In other words, a member of the family member failing to declare will not be eligible to enter Australia as the student’s family unit member, apart from a person who becomes a member after the student’s application was decided. Such negligence can also make doubtful the genuineness of the applicant. Genuineness (GTE) is a significant factor considered while deciding on any visa application in Australia. So to be on the safe side, all family members, including married or de facto partners and dependent children, should be declared at the time of first application.

Subsequent entrant visa application

In case the main applicant gets married after the lodgment of his initial visa application. Still, before the visa is granted, he must notify the Department of Home Affairs as soon as possible. This updating will help you to add your depended later in the subsequent visa application. Subsequent entrant applications can be lodged when the marriage is done after granting the main application's visa. Proof of marriage and continued relationship must be provided along with a visa application. The Visa officer may ask for any related document to ascertain the genuineness of the relationship.

It should be obvious that the visa officer is always concerned with the present situation of the relationship. In other words, continuity of relationship needs to be proved to get visa approval. Along with relationship proof, there are also financial requirements for a successful visa application. Such requirements keep on changing, so readers are advised to check with official sources before applying for your visa application.

Financial requirement for family members

As mentioned above, there are also financial requirements. Dependents need to show that they have sufficient funds to cover living costs during their stay in Australia. Applicant needs to show living costs for 12 months, and if the application is combined, then the student needs to show 12-month tuition and living cost. The cost of dependent children also needs to be calculated. Financial requirements are an essential part of a visa application, so it is advised to check properly while applying for your application.

Checklist of documents required

If you are already in Australia and you are fulfilling your all visa conditions and want to invite your dependents. In that case, your dependents need to file a visa application along with the following documents. This checklist is not final; the visa officer may ask for additional documents for his satisfaction.

• Form 919 Nomination of student defendants

• Form 157A Application for a student visa

• An Original letter from the education provider stating the course you are studying, the duration of the course, and your expected completion date and satisfying course requirements.

• Proof that you have sufficient money to support your dependents in Australia

• Proof of your relationship with your dependents in the form of birth and marriage certificates

• Proof of school enrollment for your school-aged dependents

• Proof of health insurance for each dependent. Family members of the main applicant or visa holder must provide evidence of having adequate health insurance for the grant of their visa for the period of their intended stay in Australia. Documentation includes evidence of payment of the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jaspal Singh


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