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Archaeology Career - In Search of Hidden Truth

Updated on August 11, 2012

Archaeology- A Thrilling Job

A piece of stone may have to say a thousand stories. The blooming of petal from a bone piece is a culture that may have been developed to the history of man. Archaeologists are those people who find such stories and contribute it to the new generation. The basic qualifications required to become an archaeologist are to read a lot, knowledge in history and an interest to search and find things. The speciality of this job is the spirit gained by finding something new. It won’t be available from any other jobs.

The life of an archaeologist is a journey in search of discoveries. The different fields associated with archaeology are to find the age of historical monuments as well as the art forms including paintings, to find the age of trees, conservation of monuments etc. Archaeology is a mixture of history, geography and literature.

The responsibility of conserving the historical monuments in India is in the hands of Archaeological Survey of India. These are performed by the archaeologists. In India more job opportunities for archaeologists are provided under Archaeological Survey of India. There are various fields under it which include under water archaeology, chemical wing, reading old books etc.

Archaeology Qualification Required

  • Good understanding in history
  • broad reading habits
  • Ability to approach things in a realistic manner
  • An interest in enquiring and researching things
  • Physical potentiality that is equivalent to an athlete. Maximum time of the job will be in the field with jobs including digging.

Archaeology- Career at first sight

  • Opportunity for degree studies in archaeology and museology.
  • There are degree with history main subject and having Archaeology and museology as sub subjects.
  • A graduate in any subject can do MA Archaeology.
  • Priority will be given to social science graduates in history, sociology and anthropology.
  • A qualification in MA Chemistry is required for getting a job in chemical wing.
  • There are opportunities for doing PhD in association with archaeology. An MA in archaeology is required to do PhD.

Archaeology Opportunities

  • Many opportunities in tourist field including Heritage manager.
  • Those who pass State eligibility test can work as teachers.
  • Job opportunities in the field of historian and Surveyor.
  • Job opportunities as Art gallery curator and conservator of historical monuments.
  • Many opportunities under Archaeological Survey of India.

Archaeology Institutes

  • Banaras Hindu University(
  • Aligarh Muslim University(
  • Patna University(
  • Punjab University(
  • Mysore University(
  • Deccan College, Pune
  • Gwalior University(
  • Baroda University(
  • Lucknow University(
  • Two year MA diploma course is conducted by The Institute of Archaeology under Archaeological Survey of India
  • Delhi Institute of Heritage Research and Management

Archaeology- Career at first sight

There is only a single answer for me to the question, “Which is the most thrilling job in the world?” It is the job of an archaeologist. The pleasure you get through a new discovery cannot be gained even if you are given a lot of money. A wide range of reading is the main quality an archaeologist should possess. This kind of job is not apt for those who wish to do official jobs. The job of an archaeologist is to travel behind history and to pass it to the future generation just like a messenger. Interest in the job is the most important method to continue and succeed in this field.

There are many branches under archaeology which include the study of numbers, study of old books, conservation of monuments, under water archaeology, to calculate the age of trees etc. The beginning to the journey of a job as archaeologist is the books that have been read during the school period.


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