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Archetypes: Common and Unannounced

Updated on March 9, 2010

Archetypes in the Stars and Planets

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I'll Bet You Didn't Realize...

When you check your horoscope from your cell phone - or your email address dashboard - or when you open up the newspaper and turn to the astrology advice've just essentially bought IN to the idea of Archetypes in an absolutely monumental way. These archetypes are absolutely "common" (everyone has heard about astrology and horoscopes) but are unannounced - have never been announced by any fields of education or science as being archetypes or of great value. They've never been declared - or at least, not loudly enough in our day - as archetypes or reasonable items of study by the 'hard science' authorities.

Here's how COMMON these archetypes are:

If you're a Piscean, and you DO check your horoscope often, you're already aware that you're a certain archetype and that your character make-up is one of a creative, artistic-minded (or 'handed') person, that you typically have an interest in the metaphysical and spiritual sciences or disciplines on any given day.

Something like that...

If you flipped to your horoscope and your sign is Scorpio, you may have scoffed audibly (if you don't believe in horoscopes but turned to see the silly garbage there, anyway), causing everyone in the coffee house to look your way - but you didn't mind their stares a bit and kept on reading. If you looked up your horoscope because you believe in astrological messages and vibrations from the stars and planets, you read your horoscope and decided that anything you didn't like about it, you'll just put out of your mind - because YOU CONTROL your own destiny...for the most part. Or, at least, you're not going to let a few minor negatives get in your way of what you're going to accomplish today. If you're Scorpio and you're a believer, you've probably already delved deeply into astrological materials in order to study yourself, know yourself better and find out any LOOPHOLES in the stars which make it possible for you to control as much of your destiny as possible.

Okay - well the Scorpio thing was a little dramatic - but then, so are many (most?) Scorpio personalities when they are placed in a 'take charge' role.

Admittedly, I'm no expert in astrological matters, but I have studied the archetypes over and over again and continually for decades. I've applied my findings whenever I gain the knowledge of friends' and acquaintances' astrological signs...what I've found is that there are a lot of accuracies in the archetype material, even if "Horoscopes" quite generally, don't pan out.

* Note - as ARCHETYPES - the 12 signs of the zodiac or the astrological classifications are supposed to be considered as MODELS. If these archetypes were actually ANNOUNCED to be what they inherently ARE by those sciences and scholars who have risen in society under the powerful title of "AUTHORITIES," there might be much more objective discussions about astrology in general.

Because astrology is NOT generally respected in many fields and academic communities, and astrology is, so far - UNANNOUNCED - as the studies of archetypes, models, etc., "astrology" has spread out in the occult audiences and practitioners - which further harms the credibility of these studies.

Suffice it to say that if you delve deep into academia, particularly in the arts - the stars, planets, sun, moon and other heavenly features and objects are in the literature and arts of the greatest, most acclaimed writers, poets, artists, playwrights and thinkers - and NOT for the heavenly bodies' relation to astronomy (considered a valid science, a 'hard science'). The writers, artists, poets and playwrights DEFINITELY allude to (or blatantly outline) the effects of the stars upon human emotions, behaviors, moods, etc.

Shakespeare's STAR-CROSSED LOVERS are archetypes and Shakespeare's USE of terminology outlines a belief and power in astrological matters. The star-crossed lovers are, of course, Romeo and Juliet, and the universe, particularly the stars - have influenced Romeo and Juliet to both COME TOGETHER and to suffer separation that is well outside their control...

If you don't trust the information here, please do go conduct your own search of literature, plays, poetry by the greatest artists, writers and playwrights of all time. Also, check into "CRITIAL THINKERS" like Socrates, Aristotle, or even great leaders like Cicero, and check into realms other than Greco-Roman and you'll find ancient that sages from all over believed in the truths and models regarding archetypes which are derived from, represented in, the heavens and which influence our human emotions, actions and behaviors.

Astrology From Different Realms

North Americans, Canadians, Brits, generally those in the Western world with western thinking, are often under the impression that the make-up of astrological symbols, patterns, the major components of the study of astrology is a western thing. Many current day references in this field refer back to the Ancient Greeks, obviously in our Western world, and attribute all astrological accomplishments and data to Western scholars.


Big mistake there.

Yes, the Western scholars and those in the western world have produced a complex, oft-cited and studied body of information regarding astrology - actually considered an early "SCIENCE," and part of all higher level studies (yes, as a 'science') up until only a couple of hundred years ago.

BUT - many other non-western cultures have Astrological knowledge and theories that are just as compelling and useful as the Western standards.

The Chinese use Astrology data and have been doing so for as far back as historians can find information on Chinese culture.

The Egyptians (Doh! Naturally - "Sun Gods" rings a bell, eh?) definitely knew their astrology stuff, and so did peoples from literally every corner of the globe. The Vikings, Ancient Celtic peoples, basically cultures from all over the place all looked up into the sky, since ancient times, and fathomed a relationship between the stars and heavenly bodies to themselves, between the stars and time cycles, between the stars and water, the stars and motion, the stars and moods, the stars and wildlife/nature.

Some "hard sciences" discredit anything to do with Astrology, while largely upholding the science of Astronomy as a proper and superior scientific field. Basically, for some, Astronomy and Astrology are competing sciences with Astronomy being the superior.

Some social sciences absolutely utilize Astrology and many 'people' and 'psychology' science disciplines back the notions of astrological and planetary effect on moods and emotions.

Why this split and questioning of astrological credibility from the spectrum of sciences?

I don't know! There's always gotta be a 'wise-guy,' I guess!

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer: Features and Archetypes

Hallmark qualities of Aries personalities: self-motivation and initiative - innovative thinking. Typically this archetype prefers to lead than follow and those in this sign also make good leaders - due to their self-motivation and capability for innovative, creative thinking. Aries personalities are rarely shy and are better known for being very consistently assertive. The Aries archetypes are independent and so independent they are often seen by others as irresponsible and not able to stay in one place.

Aries Archetypes: Elton John, Eddie Murphy, Matthew Broderick, Celine Dion, Ashley Judd, Rosie O'Donnell, more celebrities: see more Aries sign celebrities

Hallmark qualities of Taurus personalities: stubborn - and they know it, tending toward the practical sides of things, often 'touchy-feely' and moderately (no inappropriate touches here, please) affectionate, earth-bound and grounded (or at least preferring to be). Taureans tend to be of the more loyal and trustworthy archetypes in the set of 12 archetypes. If you need a friend to confide in, a Taurean will generally exercise practicality, common sense and loyalty and you need not worry that your secrets will be blabbed around. Taureans have little trouble keeping information "in" and understanding the value of the "trust" word.

Taurean Archetypes: Kirsten Dunst, Enya, Cher, Jack Nicholson, Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder on Tim Kring's Heroes), George Cluny, Mythbuster (cusp), more... see more Taurean celebrities

Hallmark qualities of Gemini personalities: "Gemini" seems to be a code word of sorts for "communication," and Gemini archetypes are all about communicating. The Gemini archetypes love humour, information, communicating, and are clever, witty, and tend to have quite diverse interests as well as diverse sorts of friends and acquaintances. Gemini archetypes are often criticized as being shallow because they often have such a number of relationships going on and because they jump from topic to topic in learning and conversation, as well. They seem to be in constant movement, not able to settle down. Not the most prone to methodical, linear based things in the overall scope of the archetypes, because Gemini's hate boredom, pick up concepts quickly, then tend to enjoy moving on to gather more new information.

Gemini Archetypes: Johnny Depp, Lenny Kravitz, Michael J. Fox, Angelina Jolie, Mythbuster (cusp), Helen Hunt, Marilyn Monroe, more... see more Gemini sign celebrities

Hallmark qualities of Cancerean personalities: think of "hearth, home, moon, and mother," and you'll probably be able to spot an Archetype under Cancer. The archetypal Cancerean is very sensitive, is nurturing, and compassionate. Cancer personalities may even overextend with their compassion so that when the need arises to protect their own sensitivities and not be taken advantage of, they project a hard exterior. Or, they retreat inward, into a safe 'shell,' for protection or healing when they have been hurt - and will come back out in their own good time. Many believe the Cancer personalities to be highly intuitive. The word "psychic" often flows around the circle of friends a Cancerean holds as dear, though the Cancerean archetype may not actively pursue psychic phenomena - he or she may be the source of the psychic energies and still may not make a big deal out of things. He or she just 'knows things.'

Cancer Archetypes: Meryl Streep, Liv Tyler, Kristen Bell, Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Danny Glover, Dan Ackroyd, more... see more Cancer sign celebrities

Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio: Features and Archetypes

Hallmarks of the Leonine personalities: Leo archetypes typically love the spotlight and often feel energized around people, rather than drained of energy from interacting with people. Most Leos are very charming, passionate, and cheery. Because Leos typically like to be busy with a lot of things, including people, they might not settle down in relationships very quickly and they might prefer casual dating rather than close, committed relationships. They are often the people who 'wait a while' before getting married, just because, to Leos, the world is an interesting place and they want to see and experience a lot of things before they settle down.

Leo Archetypes: Wesley Snipes, Arnold Schwarzenaegger, Matthew Perry, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson Sandra Bullock, Hayden Panettiere, more... see more Leo sign celebs

Hallmarks of the Virgin personalities: Virgo archetypes are often selfless, industrious, hard working and dedicated to whatever - and whomever - they put their mind to. Intelligence is both valued and apparent in Virgo personalities. A lot of Virgo archetypes prefer service work in health fields and as healers but also make very good organizers, managers, and secretaries. Because they insist on organization and 'order,' people often think Virgos are cold and overly reserved when, in fact, they are usually very creative, passionate and loving, and are concerned with 'order' first, to make time for being creative later on. Most Virgos are very detail-oriented and methodical in what they do and pay attention to. If a Virgo is part of your work team, you're probably in good hands, even if the Virgo personality is not your boss or supervisor. Virgos help ensure that things are in order, are on time, and on the mark.

Virgo Archetypes: Sophia Loren, Shania Twain, Pink, Gene Simmons, Stephen King, Sean Connery, more... see more Virgo sign celebrities

Hallmarks of the Libran personalities: often, the Libran archetype or personality is accused of not being able to make decisions. This is because most Librans have trouble making decisions. They are quite empathetic and take care to try and see the viewpoints of others, so Librans have a lot more to think about when making decisions than personalities whose decision-making process doesn't include hearing information from all sides - sometimes twice. Many Librans make excellent decorators, organizers and arrangers because they love harmony, beauty and have an eye for aesthetic things. Even if they take a long time to make and act upon decisions, they truly are critical thinkers much of the time or at least in their areas of expertise. When making a decision, finally - they can state their final say in a rather blunt way, no-nonsense way. Librans also make good judges, lawyers, and diplomats because of their ability to take time and go over many viewpoints.

Libran Archetypes: Johnny Carson, Sting, Simon Cowell, John Lennon, Susan Sarandon, Neve Campbell, Catherine Zeta-Jones, more... see more Libra sign celebrities

Hallmarks of the Scorpion personalities: most Scorpios are able to project a notable sex appeal, presence, mystery and depth of self, and most also know they are projecting their charismatic presence, too. Scorpios project because they are intensely aware of self and are private people. Most Scorpios value strength, determination and emotional fortitute and are, consequently, blessed with a great deal of inner strenth, determination and emotional fortitude. Scorpios make great investigators because of their aptitude toward determination and their willingness to delve deep into matters and stick with difficult tasks to completion. They generally 'know the odds' and possibilities on any matter they decide to put any energy into, and once committed, follow through on jobs and efforts.

Scorpio Archetypes: Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Gates, Nelly, Matthew McConaughey, Demi Moore, Goldie Hawn, Whoopi Goldberg, more... see more Scorpio celebrities

Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Piscean: Features and Archetypes

Hallmarks of the Sagittarians include energy, intelligence and curiosity. Most Sagittarians love to travel and if bound to one spot, their curiosity and imagination will take them to other realms, despite their stationary situation. They may be quite content to use their intelligence and turn attentions to study, going 'elsewhere' in academia or in any books that provide the experience of suspending their current beliefs or world - in favour of fantasy and adventure. Many Sagittarians have, at some point, delved into and mastered some sort of skill or knowledge that will probably shock their friends...your Sagittarian friend may have read up on, say, "how to make a homemade bow" or "how to make a satellite dish out of regular, everyday household items" and probably has a fully functioning SOMETHING around his/her house that he/she actually made along these lines - and it probably works BETTER than a store-bought item designed for the same purpose! As well, when something works for a Sagittarian, they aren't usually shy or embarrassed if the thing that works is outside of convention or popularity. Sagittarians are drawn to things that still have a lot of room for 'exploration' such as computers and new technologies. They're good at pushing the boundaries of sciences and their own minds - to come up with new methods, gadgets or ways to approach and think about the world in general.

Sagittarian Archetypes: Tina Turner, Bette Midler, Julianne Moore, Brad Pitt, Samuel "mo-fo" L. Jackson, Steven Spielberg, more... see more Sagittarian celebrities

Hallmarks of the Capricorn personality are dedication, passion, practicality, and ambition. Most Capricorn personas have "workaholic" tendencies, and most understand all the connotations surrounding "status" and titles that many people 'pooh-pooh' or underestimate. Because of this, many Capricorns do well in public positions of management and have excellent leadership qualities. They seem to understand the "Machiavellian" concepts that are so much part of our world but that many other people stumble over in their dislike of "cunning and duplicity" in our world. A Capricorn will usually sacrifice many things in order to move forward and upward in a social hierarchy - not maily because of 'wants' but because it is practical to do so and have one's needs met in order to function fully in life. One can best control things in their lives if he or she holds the reins from time to time, in a manner of speaking - in instead of allowing others to steer and guide all the time.

Capricorn Archetypes: Denzel Washington, Jim Carrey, Rob Zombie, Kid Rock, Howard Stern, Marilyn Manson, Diane Keaton, Dolly Parton, Kate Moss, more... see more Capricorn celebrities

Hallmarks of the Aquarians are flexibility, eccentricity, creativity and "the unusual." Aquarians are open minded, tend to enjoy a philosophical viewpoint on many matters, and are empathetic individuals. They are often in fields as care-givers and advocates, and involve themselves with charity work, philanthropic efforts and they intend to create change in a big way, so they're often members of very large groups whose charitable efforts are high profile and significant. Many people see Aquarians as quirky, eccentric, even downright odd, and they are also often seen as 'aloof' and 'cold' but for the latter derogatory states, the Aquarian may be trying to appear "calm," and contain a very sensitive, emotional inner world. The way to do this is to act 'still' on the outside while sorting out sensitivities and deep felt emotional stirrings inside. Naturally, this outer shell can make the Aquarian appear to not care about things or appear harsh or cold, but most Aquarians are actually very soft-hearted and emotionally sensitive. They also tend to have a strange way of expressing emotions in very intellectual terms, defining an emotion until this practice almost takes the 'magic' out of emotions. This is simply their detailed way of honouring the deep emotions they are aware of, so if you hear an Aquarian getting all intellectual when speaking about feelings and emotions, he/she may be simply trying to say "I really do care in a deep way."

Aquarian Archetypes: Oprah Winfrey, Molly Ringwald, Ellen Degeneres, John Travolta, Matt Dillon, Bob Marley, more... see more Aquarian celebrities

Hallmarks of the Piscean personalities are psychic abilities and emotional sensitivity. My son is a testament to these first features of the Pisces sign (detailed at the very bottom). The Pisceans are peacemakers...which means, in this world, they are always somewhat at odd with a number of things and are always a bit 'unsettled,' in their emotions. They are tireless soothers, healers and helpers who often display a selflessness that others cannot help but notice. So in tune with other's, they can tend to neglect themselves and if you know someone who is Piscean, you may even have to help them pay attention to their own needs in a COVERT way because if they're aware that you're trying to help THEM, they'll turn down your offers, concerned that you'll be 'going out of your way' for them. If their work involves specific job tasks that are "helper/healer" tasks, the Piscean will invariably be a workaholic and put all their heart into their jobs. Pisceans are incredibly creative and open to all sorts of ideas most of us think are 'odd,' but to the Piscean, all ideas are 'possibilities.' This openness often draws Pisceans to the occult and to things which extend 'the possibilities' such as drugs and alcohol or - in a more healthy direction - into meditational practices and spiritual practices. Pisceans make wonderful artists in any form (the arts, literature, musical expression, anything creative), and also make good diplomats, psychologists, healers. If a Piscean isn't in a healing or helper field as a career, he or she is often an expert of some sort on the side - in meditative practices, alternative medicines and practices, or at least has a "dream" of one day delving deeply into such a topic. He or she may be faithfully holding down a much hated job with the dream of making enough money to critically study in some helper or alternative field.

Piscean Archetypes: Kurt Russell, Jon Bon Jovi, the late Kurt Cobain, Jack Coleman, Ali Larter, Queen Latifah, Drew Barrymore, more... see other Pisces sign celebrities

My son the Piscean: He came into this world with a strange sense of everyone else in the world - and now that he's all grown up (barely) he's still attached to the whole world...he feels and notices the discomforts of those around him - always has, always will, and he even feels for people he intensely dislikes being around. He belongs to everyone and has little left for himself. He's totally uncomfortable knowing anyone around him is unhappy. Because of this, he's developed the most DISARMING, infectious, effective sense of humour. He can be an absolute RIOT at the drop of a dime...especially is he senses a tear is about to fall. At the same time, if he knows a tear must fall, you can see how this visibly affects him over his entire body and in his body language...he'll either jump to give a hug or stand there trembling, if the need is to allow someone to have his/her time crying. He also senses when it is most appropriate to just let someone cry...

He really never 'belonged' to me - he came into this world to belong to everyone.


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    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 

      8 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      Interesting analysis. I am a skeptic in this field but find it interesting. I think when Astronomy broke off from Astrology to be recognized as a "hard" science that astronomy lost prestige.


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