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Are Aliens already among us? George Tupak’s answer.

Updated on December 16, 2014

What is an indigo child?

The simplest answer would be: children who are reputed to be agitated, hyperactive, gifted or ahead of their time; their own parents find them hard to figure out. These crystal children, who seem to have abilities far in advance of their age, and whose numbers seem to be rising steadily around the world, didn’t just appear by chance. Nothing happens by chance.

Some people, whose feet are solidly planted on this planet, will say that, as time goes by, our children are bound to become more intelligent, faster, stronger. According to them, this would be due to various factors:

- Better, deficiency-free nutrition,

- Better mother-fetus communication,

- Information released by the media that, consciously or subconsciously, is transmitted to the child during its gestation.

This is when its cells, sponge-like, absorb amazing amounts of information long before the child itself can make any use of it. Anything is possible, I admit it. But, personally, I believe there is another explanation.

What does “alien” mean?

Some people, reluctant to accept the idea that a parallel world superior to ours might exist, forbid themselves from believing in the existence of alien interventions. Now when I say alien, that has nothing to do with little green men featured in movies or mentioned in science-fiction books. But since no one can even see these higher energies that surround us, I believe the word alien is quite suitable. Therefore what is not of this Earth is alien!

Are indigo children aliens?

I, George Tupak, believe that mankind’s evolution, as rapid as it’s been over the last half-century or so, is the result of a discreet but ongoing alien intervention, both on the bodies and on the minds of a few “chosen” individuals. When I look at these crystal children, who are spreading across the Earth at quite a clip, I see the advent of a change that will overwhelm our imagination.

I am well aware that, as I write these words, the scientific world is finding it difficult to believe in the existence of a “higher” intervention, in the development of an “unchangeable” plan, the first phase of which is these small innocent beings who will be the children of the New World. As yet, the society in which we live is not ready to believe in the existence of parallel worlds any more than in paranormal abilities, which many still link to charlatans or madness. Certain things must remain secret; at least, that’s what some self-righteous people think.

Yet, these “chosen” children are small geniuses. Their level of evolution is such that they get incredibly bored in school and can no more comprehend their friends than the education imposed on them. This education is something they view as part of a bygone era.

Their knowledge is very advanced. On the outside, theirs are children’s bodies, but inside, they seem more advanced than adults. Hence, the stupefaction of their parents, overwhelmed by their offspring’s mastery of complex issues they, themselves, are unable to understand.

Do we have to be afraid of aliens?

You probably know parents who say something like: “I honestly don’t understand my son, but I get the feeling he can read my mind. It seems he is always one step ahead of everybody. He frightens me!”

And there you have it: Fear, the key word. The aliens have long known that humans fear everything and especially that which they can’t understand. I think the aliens are having some fun at our expense in this respect.

The most surprising thing about these New World children is their ability to perceive their environment. Their eyes don’t see the same things we do. They have no interest in all that is material and were born with outstanding adaptive abilities.

You might as well call them “chameleon” children. Blessed with a lively imagination and astonishing paranormal faculties or psychic gifts, they take to the following like duck to water:

- clairvoyance,

- telekinesis,

- telepathy,

- advanced intuition.

Nothing is strange or foreign to them. They hate lies, hypocrisy, spitefulness, cupidity. They reject any kind of confinement, whether of the body or of the mind.

An indigo or crystal child knows how to anticipate events, because they perceive things most of the people don’t see.

Who are the parents of these indigo children?

You’d think the human parents chosen for the quality of their DNA by the entities of the parallel world would be intelligent academics, competent scientists, brilliant businessmen, pacifist spiritual guides, humanistic judges, etc.

Well, at first glance, there doesn’t appear to be any particular selection. It seems that anybody could be selected by the higher alien authorities to act as human matrices for the creation of these misunderstood, yet so extraordinary, children.

Tomorrow’s children are like birds. They need a home, a protective nest for a while to protect them from predators. Later on, the time comes when they can fly on their own to fulfill their missions. But that is something no one so far is ready to hear, much less accept.

Soon, times are going to change and nothing and no one will be able to stand against the coming shake-up of mindsets. There’s no point in fighting, in always looking back to find reasons to complain today. Let’s not look back; let’s not regret anything. Let’s always assume the consequences of our acts, let’s not project our mistakes onto others. Let’s judge no one for being more brilliant or more obtuse than we are. No one’s perfect, and perfection is not of this world.

It’s up to you to make the choices that will lead you to the path to success and happiness. Everything is possible and, soon, the events will prove this to you. Only the fatalistic minds will continue to complain about their fate or the alleged curse that afflicts them.


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