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Are Teachers Alone Responsible For A Student's Success?

Updated on February 15, 2012

Quite often we come across the thought that are teachers solely responsible for the education of children or do parents play a part as well? Teachers tend to blame parents for the inability of a child to do better in studies whereas parents tend to blame teachers, but they do not realize that both parents and teachers equally contribute to the education of child. Parents and teachers must work together in order for the children to succeed.

Education is a main factor that leads to success later in life. A young person needs to have the correct attitude towards education if he or she wants to succeed. The attitude that a student must have is that education is not all about good examination results, but it is something in which we should indulge ourselves because we love to, not because we are forced to.

It so happens that parents and teachers sometimes find each other on opposing sides, and tend to blame each other. One of the greatest aspects in teaching young people is character building. If someone sees a young person committing an undesirable act, their schools and parents may be criticized for not teaching these people how to act and behave. The best would be if both teachers and parents work together to teach children desirable values.

Parents also criticize teachers for their work, whereas they should help and support them. If teachers are to do their work well they are to be respected. Children are precious to their parents and always appear innocent to them. This is why many parents may interfere in the disciplining of their children by teachers at school.

Parents want the best for their children, and teachers want them to succeed too. In order for a student to be successful, parents and teachers should come closer and work together. This can be achieved through regular parent-teacher meetings. Students themselves are the most important persons in education, and they must learn skills and gain knowledge if they are to lead successful lives, and this can be achieved if both parents and teacher work together and support each other.


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