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Are There Aliens?

Updated on February 10, 2018

Are There Aliens? Do You Believe?

 There is a lot of supporting evidence and a lot of videos relating to alien contact. But is it all hype, or is it real? Have there been alien contact and alien abductions? The age old question has been asked for many years. Some believe that there are other life forms other than our own. Are we that special that our planet is only life force in the universe? Some say that alien contact has already been made and the claims that there is supporting evidence in existence reflect on the reality of the chance that alien contact has been made.

Alien Footage, Real or Fake?

What if it's True?

 If an alien world existed and alien abductions are real, what would stop the alien world from colliding with ours? Are they here now? Some believe this is the case yet many others don’t feel it could be possibly true.

What if There Was an Alien Computer?

What if there was an alien computer? There are many theories that alien technology would be much more advanced than ours. If the chances that an alien computer exists, it could be a great advancement for our technology.

Alien encounters could be a myth but with the evidence and claims that are documented throughout time has led us to believe that aliens may exist. I’m quite sure that most footage could be a hoax but not all of it. Some has relevance.


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