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Are There Really Aliens on Earth? Is There any Proof?

Updated on March 9, 2016

If you hang out in the same dark corners of the internet that I do – no, not that dark corner – you know that there are people out there that believe that not only have aliens visited earth – they are actually living among us. While this might seem completely ridiculous to most, there are some very distinguished people who are making claims of aliens living among us, and there is a not inconsequential amount of evidence as well.

What I found by researching the evidence is that while there isn’t a whole lot of video or photographic evidence, there are some pretty compelling reasons to give the idea some thought because there are a few hard-to-explain testimonies that might just have you checking every person that you pass on the street to make sure that they aren’t an alien in disguise.

The oldest known UFO photo taken around 1870 at the peak of Mount Washington
The oldest known UFO photo taken around 1870 at the peak of Mount Washington | Source

The Basics

The information varies a little bit from one believer to another but there is some consistency that is difficult to discount. For example, almost everyone who has studied the evidence and been part of the UFO community in some way believes that the ‘Gray Aliens’ are one of the races currently on Earth. They are the short creatures with bulbous heads and black eyes that you’ve probably seen on several TV shows. Check out the Asgard on Stargate SG-1 for a look.

Believers also are pretty consistent about the ‘Reptilian Aliens’ who are said to be able to change their appearance – to camouflage themselves so that they look human. Finally, the other common race that gets tossed around in UFO circles is the so-called ‘Nordic Alien’ race. There are others but those are the most common three. Again, it sounds utterly ridiculous that even one – much less three – alien races could live among us, but take a look at some of the testimony below.

Case #1: Paul Hellyer’s Testimony

Paul Hellyer was the defense minister of Canada for four years, from 1963 to 1967, and he went public with his belief in aliens in 2005. He tried to get Canada to open hearings about extraterrestrials but was unsuccessful. The former minister of defense has accused those in high government positions around the world of a cover-up. It is assumed that he takes his unshakable stance on UFOs from what he heard and saw during his time as Canadian Minister of Defense. Two of the alien races that Hellyer claims live among us are the aforementioned Gray and Nordic alien races.

Case #2: The Evidence of Latchezar Filipov

In 2009, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences official Latchezar Filipov gave an interview with a Toronto newspaper claiming that not only were aliens among us, but that they had sent them thirty questions and received answers to some of them. Filipov has served as the Head of the BAS Space Research Institute’s Astrophysics and Synergetic Division since 2005.

Case #3: The Paul Davies Interview

Physicist Paul Davis, who has been the recipient of multiple awards in his field, including the Farraday Award, said in an interview that it was possible that life had not developed on Earth once but instead had developed over and over, with some of those developments resulting in alien life. He is currently the chair of the SETI: Post-Detection Science and Technology Taskgroup.

Case #4: The Testimony of Robert Trundle

Dr. Robert Trundle is another academic who believes in UFOs and says his credibility has suffered because of it. He claims in his book that aliens are here and the government knows about them but the reason that they are so adamantly silent is that if they admitted they existed they would also have to admit they can do nothing to protect the population from them – or control them in any way. His book is called: Is ET Here? No Politically, but Yes Scientifically and Theologically.

Case #5: The Jonathan Malkisom Press Conference

In 2001, according to an article on the ‘Before it’s News’ website, Professor Jonathan Malkisom and other University of California scientists held a press conference and announced that not only were aliens among us on Earth, but that they had been here for a very long time and they regularly keep an eye on us.


Drawing a Conclusion

The two strongest pieces of testimony here are Latchezar Filipov and Paul Hellyer and that’s not saying a whole lot. On the University of California press conference, I found no evidence that such a press conference ever took place and could not even verify that Jonathan Malkisom was a professor at any of the University of California locations.

Based on this evidence, you could safely assume that alien visitation and extraterrestrials living among us is pure bunk, but I’m not going that direction yet, and I’ll tell you why. As you will see in some of the future articles I will be publishing here, there is so much evidence for alien visitation and UFOs specifically, that you would have to be willfully blind to throw them all out.

But as for this evidence, the Paul Hellyer testimony is the strongest, but what is fascinating about Filipov it is that he is still serving as an official of the Bulgarian government. If he didn’t have some pretty strong evidence for what he was saying, I don’t think he would have risked going public. But I will admit that the other stuff that I was able to dig up is pretty flimsy.

Life is not a miracle. It is a natural phenomenon, and can be expected to appear whenever there is a planet whose conditions duplicate those of the earth. - Harold C. Urey

The Case for UFOs

However, don't take the fact that I don't necessarily believe that aliens are walking among us, disguised as humans mean that I don't believe in aliens altogether. On the contrary, the evidence for them actually visiting us is monumental in size, highly reliable and incontrovertible. But this article isn't about whether or not I believe that aliens exist or even what evidence there is for UFO visitation - this is specifically about aliens living on Earth and that is something that is hard to swallow.

Obviously, the main reason that I don't believe that to be the case is the lack of evidence for it - but it also doesn't make any logical sense. Why would they want to live among us? There are surely better subjects to research than the inhabitants of our backwater planet especially considering how violent we are. That would be like a biologist going out and living with lions, walking among them, sleeping in their den. Eventually, the lions are going to attack and eat him. That's just how lions are.

This one is so old that it is very difficult to explain.
This one is so old that it is very difficult to explain. | Source

If they are here to take over the planet, they are certainly taking their time doing it, especially if they have been here for millions of years, as some of these people are claiming. It just doesn't make sense for aliens to be living among us, and not a single incontrovertible piece of evidence never surface.

However, as mentioned, when it comes to UFOs it is a different story altogether. There is plenty of evidence for UFOs - radar data, photographs so old they couldn't have been faked, video that has been examined by experts, testimony from hundreds of military officials, politicians and respected academics and a whole lot more. You just have to look for it.

What do you think?


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    • CYong74 profile image

      Kuan Leong Yong 24 months ago from Singapore

      Good hub on a rather contentious topic, done in a calm, reasonable style!

    • ePetNation profile image

      ePetNation 2 years ago from Maryland

      I believe that there are UFOs and the possibility and probability of Aliens among us. I know if government actually admitted this then there would be utter chaos, so that is why no one will acknowledge it. I am sure many will label me, but I still believe.

      Nice post. I look forward to reading more.