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Are We Alone in the Universe

Updated on April 19, 2015

A Lonely Planet

It is not an easy problem to discuss: we are living in very isolated private worlds that are surrounded by electronic devices, which leaves us very little time to indirectly communicate with each other. However, it is obvious that every human being needs proper communication to stay sane and normal - this is a program that is encoded somewhere deep in the memory of our DNA, and it simply needs to be constantly in active state.

Now, following this point of view, lets imagine that the whole humanity is like a living organism that also requires interaction with other entities of the same kind to be able to grow further. Lets imagine that there is some point in our history from which we cannot live as a self sustained entity. What are we to do then? This stagnation may lead to the end of the whole mankind, to the dead end. Considering the fact that there were advanced civilizations on planet Earth before us, it is not altogether surprising that they all died out due to the same reasons. After all, we still do not know for sure why once so advanced, as seen from historical evidences, civilizations like the Mayans and the Sumerians vanished. And this may happen once again, this time with us; nobody is secured.

What should we do if we want to reach out for somebody else out there, you may ask. The answer is simple: keep thinking of any possibility of other intellectual lifeforms out there, and once the amount of people (who's level of faith is high enough to believe in a possibility of an extraterrestrial contact) reaches certain limits, the change will affect the rest of the planet, and we finally will start to deal with questions that go far beyond our current everyday needs which are mostly about survival.

Expanding horizons

Just imagine our civilization as a lonely creature looking for a soul mate. We would not necessarily need expensive equipment in order to start looking for other life forms somewhere far in space. Why should we bother, if we still have not been visited? Maybe it is just enough to clean up our own world and prepare ourselves for a visit, so that more advanced civilizations could finally consider us relevant and dare to reach out to us. I am more than convinced that there are inhabited planets from which we are very likely being observed. In any case, it won't hurt us to clean up the mess in our own lives in order to get ready for a greater future. "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new," Albert Einstein once said.

However, I do not think that collective thinking outside of the box can be a mistake - it can eventually lead us to new discoveries which for the same reasons are sometimes hidden from our minds just because we do not care enough.

Nazca Lines

There is a number of theories about the meaning of the famous Nazca lines in Peruvian Desert. The most realistic ones state that the lines could be a place for rituals, identifications of astronomical bodies and constellations or figures commemorating the pagan gods that watched the people from the skies.

However, there is another theory that the figures had extraterrestrial purposes. Indeed, they might have been drawn to indicate runways for visitors from other planets (we usually call them aliens, although I do not think they looked much different from us, unlike many alien theories suppose). The only statement I can honestly agree with is that the "aliens" could have possessed some qualities that made the primitive earthlings of that time believe they were gods from the skies above.

Sumerian Clay Tablets and Annunaki

Sumer civilization inhabited Mesopotamia from 5500 to 4000 BCE. Apart from numerous inventions that we are using now (most important of them being time and language), the Ancient Sumer left a lot of mysterious clay tablets that may shed some light on the facts of alien visits on Earth.

According to the stories depicted on the tablets, we might have been visited by extraterrestrials who came down like gods to create and foster the first humans, teach them the basics of social life etc. The visitors were called the Annunaki and they are believed to have created humans in order to use them for the needs of labor. The only mystery that remains uncovered by now is why these extraterrestrials eventually disappeared leaving the humans alone. Or maybe they left or disappeared together with the Ancient Sumerian civilization? In any case, the reason why previous civilizations vanished is still unknown to us.

An interesting podcast about Sumerian tablets

Gods with human bodies

There are myths in most of ancient religions that describe gods in human shape and form with the only difference that they possess extra qualities, like for example being able to control forces of nature.

Lets, for example, take a look at three most known gods:

  • Zeus is a deity of the Greek pantheon. He was a god of the sky and weather. Also, he was the main god of Mount Olympus.
  • Jupiter was the main god in Roman mythology, also the god of the sky and thunder.
  • Thor was the god of thunder and lightning in Norse mythology.

Doesn't it all sound similar? Could the Earth be once populated by human-like gods who were capable of controlling the forces of nature? If yes, then maybe they were similar to the Annunaki described by Sumerians? There is still a lot of mysteries surrounding ancient mythology, but considering the similarities, we can draw conclusions concerning the existence of those human like creatures who could have been extraterrestrials, i.e. visitors from other planets.

Works of Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin is famous for writing books about human origins and evidences of extraterrestrial visits on Earth. Although neglected by official science and often called pseudo scientist, he was nevertheless one of the most influential explorers of Sumerian mythology and planet Nibiru theory. His books were translated in many languages and sold worldwide. I highly recommend getting acquainted with his works to anyone interested in the theory of extraterrestrial evidences.


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