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Human Origin - Still up for Grabs

Updated on June 26, 2017
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long student of psycho-philosophy of living, and a devoted practitioner of many techniques enhancing personal evolution.

My Favorites in this Eternal Debate

There are some shallow wounds on my mind that I received from dwelling in matters of archaeology and cosmology - that chronic intellectual frustration over the question about our true origin.

Not that I got any advanced knowledge out of it, hence only "shallow" wounds, when compared to those more deluded scholars who have succeeded convincing themselves that they really "know" something there.

However, there is a whole bunch of outsiders who don't agree with the mainstream theorists - whether it's creationists or evolutionists who claim to be "The Mainstream". Those are calling themselves "ancient astronauts theorists", and they won my heart without any struggle. I shamelessly admit that I liked their story from the very start, even before seeing any of their actual evidence.

So Obvious - and yet Ignored

The convincing elegance of their presentation is mocking all those logical turnoffs of both - our having evolved from an ape-like creature, and our being created out of nothing by a celestial Dude.

So, even though they haven't come up as yet (or it only seems so) with some conclusive evidence that we were genetically engineered by space visitors who crossed their genome with the one of a primates of those times - they are still my favorites in that particular arena of scientific/religious discussions.

Up there I started by mentioning "wounds on my mind", and they really came from the reluctance of the mainstream science to open their minds, but mostly their eyes to the clear evidence how those ancient civilizations were not technologically advanced enough to create those numerous marvels of architecture. Not without someone much, much smarter than they qualified themselves by other aspects of their social organization.

Some Things Simply Don't Add-Up

We are talking here about a certain savage and backward mentality that practiced slavery, human sacrifices, and had a whole catalog of deities. That alone is something impressive and significant enough about the level of their intelligence and about an absence of a finesse in their mentality that would generate artistic and architectural expressions of that magnitude.

Try to substitute them with a hypothetical dude who claims to be highly intelligent and creative - but believes in Santa Claus and is known for his violent and ruthless mentality. Then try to also match Mayan knowledge in astronomy, with the precisely calculated length of the day in their calendar - with their bestial practices of human sacrifices and drinking blood from the severed penis of the victim - for attaining a "superior power". Some things simply don't add up - at least not in my mind.

Not Fair to the Human Progress

Calling myself an open minded dude, I am not habitually falling on my religious knees in front of those with some impressive credentials, whether they got a job at a prestigious institution of higher learning or in Vatican.

So, I don't really care what are the agendas of their careers which make them accept such intellectual discrepancies of a bestiality and, on the other hand an ability to create some breathtaking marvels that carry the nick name of "Wonders of the World".

But it does hurt from a strictly humanistic viewpoint that such smart members of the scientific community choose to turn a blind eye to an evidence - because an evidence it is. Are they really doing it just to kiss ass of the strong religious establishment and those Darwinists who are not embarrassed enough by that unexplainable gap in their "evolution" between the last in the line of savages and builders of the Great pyramid of Giza?

It Was Meant to Be a Higher Learning

I wish someone could explain to me how those ancient societies could not come up with a decent sewage system as a basic measure of public hygiene, but possessed all that knowledge in mathematics, physics, medicine, and especially astronomy.

It was like they were told to focus their new knowledge, or just provide labor force on those monumental projects while neglecting the basics of their infrastructure. That's what they do to you in a school - they teach you some stuff that has nothing to do with "your eating or your hygiene habits".

Just for sake of some further speculating, we could play with a little syllogism. Namely, if those ET's had a technology to manipulate gravity force by coming from that distance - then they could also play with those huge stone blocks using the same technology, with hardly any labor needed.

By some latest theories, pyramids were constructed to be energy generators, and spread around the globe to connect the points of energy transport - to be expressed in a layman's words. So far from the original, and still held belief that they served as tombs of the royal dignitaries.

They Gave Us a Head-Start - Literally

According to an interesting theory, up to a point in human history man was mainly using his right brain hemisphere, with the left one being its slowly developing and inferior counterpart. In terms of neuroscience - or is it anthropology - the right hemisphere's dominance is responsible for hallucinating, hearing voices from above, and pretty much describing schizoid mentality.

Now add to it those lower animalistic urges of the need for dominance in the herd/tribe, arrogance, territoriality - and you've got the "glorious" history of mankind in its true human lack of dignity.

So, supposing that those extraterrestrials created our kind, we are left with an assumption that they just started the evolution of our consciousness, and it was left to our advancing in the forms of social life to continue on our path of awakening. We are certainly taking our sweet time.

Just a Little for the Taste of the Mystery

There are countless remnants from the distant history that simply defy logic about the people of that era being able to produce them - according to our knowledge about their available technology.

Take for instance those huge H-blocks in Puma Punku (you can see them and so many others around the globe on You tube). Those blocks definitely had to be machined, not chiselled, for their smoothness, their accuracy with right angles and those smooth, and perfectly round holes.

Or take those megalithic statues on the Easter Island, miles away from the nearest quarry and with no trees around that would possibly(?) be used as transporting rollers on that steep terrain. There is also that tantalizing question of their purpose, while being so huge and facing the ocean's horizon.

Or take those breathtaking temples in the Far East with their incredibly intricate decorative exteriors and interiors as well as architecture. One evidence after another of a mysterious source of knowledge, which people of those times simply could not possess.

Why Not Look Deeper into It?

My argument is rather ordinary, because I don't have the education necessary to form a more sophisticated one, and it heavily sits on one question : Even if the ancient astronaut theory needs "much more" to become convincing - why isn't the mainstream science exploring those possibilities of our extraterrestrial origin?

For, neither the Evolution theory, nor the Creation one have been convincingly proven. Well, we are still calling them only "theories", aren't we? Is our intellectual arrogance really so strong that we just can't swallow the idea of someone being smarter than us, even to the point of creating our asses on this planet?

When we look at those remnants that are screaming to be recognized as results of an outside intervention, it's embarrassing to our intelligence to ascribe them to those mostly tribal, or tribally-minded social organizations of many thousands of years ago.

So Cheap to Debunk without a Counter-Proof

Every tradition in existence is talking about "flying beings" who came down to Earth to teach the mankind, and many are calling them their "fathers". Many primitive, but much telling paintings and carved figures on the stone walls of caves clearly depict space travellers in their typical space suits and gadgets on them.

In his two-hour presentation Lloyd Pye demonstrated enough mind-boggling material - especially in that part where he is presenting a proof(?) that the very number of chromosomes in our genes could not result "naturally", but had to be put together artificially.

So, we have a choice of calling the man a "charlatan", or a "visionary", but before we rush into dismissing him as incompetent, we'd better be clear about our own competence to be a judge in these matters. It's all too easy to play a cynic, a skeptic, or a critic just on the basis of our intellectual preferences.

An Open Mind - a True Measure of Our Intellectual Predestination

Indeed, our "likes/dislikes" don't pass as a criterion for our intellectual authority. Also, we cannot debunk something on the grounds of our "firm beliefs" that are lacking enough evidence themselves.

Whether we are willing to admit it or not - we are all in the dark, although there are some sadly uninformed armchair philosophers of cynical type who will call "UFO-nuts" anyone who as much as mentions the possibility of us not being alone in the universe.

Now, while nothing is wrong about all of us having our own views, it does become wrong the moment when we try to impose ours on others. So, it's worth emphasizing again that the truth about our origin is still up for grabs, and no one is holding the bag with the ultimate truth.

However, it appears to be not only our duty of ever evolving creatures, but also an evidence of our very capacity to grow - to keep an ever open mind that defies dogmatic tendencies, whether they come from religion or from science where it acts like one.


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    • rebelogilbert profile image

      Gilbert Arevalo 7 months ago from Hacienda Heights, California

      ValKaras, I think it's fascinating looking at all the architectural wonders of the ancient world. I wish mankind had done a better job keeping track of innovative developments. We are baffled about many mysterious wonders. I wonder too, maybe higher forms of intelligent life visited us to get us off to a good head start, but you make an excellent point that early man(perhaps woman in some things) used the artistic right side of the brain.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 14 months ago from Canada

      Larry - Glad you found it interesting.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 14 months ago from Canada

      MizBejabbers - Happy to see that you've got the point.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 14 months ago from Canada

      Linda, my friend - Thank you so much for your generous words of praise.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      MizBejabbers 14 months ago

      “Is our intellectual arrogance really so strong that we just can't swallow the idea of someone being smarter than us, even to the point of creating our asses on this planet?”

      Yes. It is as simple as that.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 14 months ago from Oklahoma

      Interesting perspective.

    • profile image

      Linda Robinson 14 months ago

      Wow Val so intuitive and love all the focus on detail and amazing explanations and super topic. All around, a truly mind boggling, fascinating hub. Take care. Linda