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Are We Imprisoned by Our Language?

Updated on October 7, 2017

Does our conscious existence show us that everything is possible?

Perception and reality like true and false, fact or fiction seem to be our eternal dilemma. Do we manifest this predicament through the restrictions imposed by the inadequacies of our language? Do we limit our perceptions to predetermined structures of formally organised sound wave patterns that impose the rules we apply and how they should be interpreted? This framework determines how light, sound, smell and feelings should be understood.

Conscious existence is infinite yet we limit it to a few physical senses, organs and processes. Consciousness is our being and everything else is our utilisation of it. So why have we convinced ourselves that we should exist within the limits of our physical being?

The emotive charges that resonate our souls through light and sound are innate in us, yet we interpret them through instruction, resulting in their manifestation by the laws we have set, even if we know they imply something different.

How many times have you and someone close to you shared the same thoughts and feelings without any communication through our normal media? How many times have you sensed something ahead or around the corner without seeing, hearing or smelling it? How many times have you known something was going to happen before it did? Have you been in a place where someone's distant aura engages your conscience and subconsciously communicates with you? Have you omitted an aura that affects people and things around you? To all these questions, I know undoubtedly that I have...

What we subsequently experience through sight, feel, noise and smell I suggest are a consequence of this conscious interaction. However, their manifestations can be varied dependent on the belief system through which one has been indoctrinated. This compartmentalisation divides the collective consciousness and detaches it from our innate reality.

Why should we perceive what we know to be real, as not being true? Why should we seek the dictionary explanation or some type of theoretical rhetoric to reinforce rules that keep our understanding locked within a specific boundary?

Consciousness is our primary energy from which everything manifests. Surely its suppression is a disengagement from our fundamental being and infinite existence. Even science, particularly at a quantum level supports the fact that a person needs to be isolated from an experiment to avoid the influence of their conscience energy on the outcome.

Our conscious resonance is always there and while it remains constrained by the limitations of our physical capacity and the inability of language to express it, we produce uncontrolled levels that feed our chaotic Global existence. This is exacerbated in more intensely populated locations where multicultural belief systems exist side-by-side. Conscious energy affects everything. Yet we remain barely 'conscious' of its fundamental power.

'Con' (to deceive or trick)-science seems to be a detrimental use of language that trivialises our reality to something mysterious beyond our interpretation. I feel that only when we overcome the powerful pollutants of our mechanical language that we will realise the purity of our conscious energy and engage with the creative forces that nourish our existence, whatever that means to you...


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