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Are We On the Same Wavelength?

Updated on April 27, 2011

People Who Think Alike

I wanted to explore whether some people might be on the same wavelength as me or you. As in the expression, “I understand him/her and we like almost the same things because we are on the same wavelength”. When I googled wavelength, I landed on the page where the most relevant article was the idiom dictionary which gave me a sentence similar to the one I used above. I found no help there.

Restaurant Excursion

 Have you ever gone out to eat and looked at the almost empty restaurant parking lot; then as you pull into a parking space all of a sudden six other cars have pulled in from every direction. Then as you and your group are exiting the vehicle, it seems if everyone is in a hurry to get into the restaurant at the same time.  Most are polite as they try to enter the door but you can sense each wanted to be first in line.  Are you all on the same wavelength?

Grocery Shopping

I can’t tell you how many times I have gone into a grocery store to shop for a few items (of course, who can go in for just a few things?) and as I start to approach one of 3 empty checkout lanes, out of thin air, 10 people queue up and I would be #10. And it always seemed to happen on then days when I was in a hurry. And I wondered if all of us are on the same wavelength or is this coincidence?

Experiment to Break the Wavelength

 Since I am interested in the study of human nature, I decided to do an experiment. One day during a shopping trip when I had lots of time, I walked at a faster pace just as I would do when I was in a hurry. I acted in an anxious manner, you know, like I had a bus to catch.

With a determined look on my face, I locked my eyes on the empty check-out lanes and walk like a mad-woman toward the one nearest to me. Sure enough, here they come. I watched them from the corner of my eye as they looked at me, looked at the contents of their buggy, and at what appeared to be breakneck speed, they head for the checkout lanes.

I appear to head to the same checkout lanes; but instead I slow down, turn right, and calmly walk down the next aisle. I see the surprise look on a couple of their faces as I slow down and turn.

I see humor in this exercise but I haven’t answered my curiosity of why this happens. Are we connected in the brain some way?

I have tried this experiment several more times with almost the same results each time. I have learned to take things in stride and be calm on the days I am in a rush, knowing that most likely; I will be at the tail end of any line.

Instant Connection

Minutes after meeting someone for the first time, did you feel like you’ve known them all your life? You both have the same interest in many areas. You may have the same favorite foods, books, or movies. I have wondered if I was related to someone I just met because of the similarities. It’s as if our brains are connected somehow.


Driving My Car

When driving down the interstate, cars are traveling close to or just over the speed limit for miles and miles. Sure there are 2 or 3 or three drivers who are running at the 85 to 90 mile an hour speed but more drivers are driving sensibly.

Cars seem to run in packs and it probably is because they have set their cruise control to almost the same speed. My husband and I have always preferred to speed up or slow down in order to get a safe driving distance in between the packs of cars.

 I get to an area where I feel comfortable and, in the rear view mirror, I see cars gaining on me. I think they are going to pass but nooo they slow down and pull in behind me or they pass me; they pull over in front of me and then slow down. Other cars follow suit and within in minutes I am in the middle of the pack. I don’t feel comfortable in that spot.

 I often wondered if our brains are in sync or is some evil force causing these things to happen. Oh well, I may not find out if some of us are connected by brain waves but I think I will keep searching for the answer. What is your opinion?





Are these people on the wavelength?



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    • profile image

      caroline 5 years ago

      when a large group of people are on the same wavelength or have the same understanding, then i would call this a coincidence or synchronocity. everyone seems to agree with what's happening and the don't question why. i guess they go along with it to avoid feeling left out.