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Are We Preparing for 2012 Doomsday?: Amazing Disaster-Resistant Architectures for Cataclysmic Events

Updated on April 22, 2012

The Truth about 2012

Is this the end of the Earth? There are many articles, books and websites that say about the end of the Earth in December 2012. From Mayan Prophecies to NASA's scientific interpretation, predictions for 2012 differ and each of them have their own theories which suggest its occurence and how far such predictions are true.

My hub is not going to discuss about "2012 Doomsday". This hub is about some amazing designs conceived by various industrial designers that will withstand any cataclysmic events and provide safe and secure housing for thousands of lives. We have already witnessed two great tsunamis of the century that cost many lives and such disasters cannot be predicted.

New Orleans Arcology Habitat or NOAH

New Orleans Arcology Habitat or NOAH is a futuristic design from three architectural firm specially designed for New Orleans. This futuristic city is 1200 feet tall and it is completely disaster proof. The interior of this huge structure will include three hotels, vast commercial space, offices, schools health-care clinics and above all it can provide shelter to 40,000 people. The floating structure will utilize alternative sources of energy to empower the entire city. Reference


Lilypad is marvelous floating structure designed by Vincent Callebaut that would accomodate 50,000 people. Callebaut describes his Lilypad as "A Floating Ecopolis For Climate Refugees" and belives that by the year 2100 major cities will be effected from rising water due to global warming and the amphibious city will give a new hope. Reference

The Green Float

Japanese Technology firm Shimizu's "The Green Float" involves a series of mini floating cities that can accomodate 50,000 people. The concept of The Green Float consists of cells that are freed to float on ocean and form towns and cities when they join together. These cells feature very hi-tech advanced eco-technology and also consists big towers, grassland and forests. Shimuzu is expecting to convert this concept into a reality by the year 2025. Reference


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    • Ingenira profile image


      7 years ago

      Wow, these are really cool architectural design! I wonder how they choose to accomodate people in case of disaster.

    • manhan profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Hungary (Budapest)

      Thanks Cathy51h for your comment.

    • Cathy51h profile image


      7 years ago from Philadelphia PA

      I like your article and I would love to get notices when you make new ones.I would like also that you check mine you will find that its very useful even though its different I give you an invitation to check it out.



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