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How to Increase Hair Growth with Acupressure for Scalp Circulation?

Updated on August 31, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' author who learned heaps as a wellness coordinator. She loves to share healthy tidbits with her readers.

Meridian Points and Acupressure for Hair

You're Perhaps, Wondering What This Is?

Meridian points are acupressure points located throughout your body.

  • Locate the acupressure points behind your head and press gently. Next, press the tender points on top of your head and behind your ears. This should get your blood pumping to your scalp for blood circulation that'll help your hair to grow faster.

Most hair loss is normally attributed to poor circulation in your scalp area. If your head is not breathing the way, it should, your hair follicles will start to fall off. It's this simple!

Everyone hates the look and feel of their thinning scalp or worse yet alopecia areata. When you unfortunately develop alopecia, your hair may fall out in chunks and leave you with unsightly bald spots throughout your scalp. A nutritional deficiency causes this along with an autoimmune disease where your hair cells attack each other and cause dramatic hair loss.

The optimal way to overcome a dwindling hairline is to do a combination of four things to increase scalp circulation.

1. You should exercise to sweat, according to your capability to get your blood pumping.

2. Massage your scalp with your fingers or roll a charming gadget on your head by the name of Mag-Gro. The magnets are particularly useful in helping hair to grow quickly and thicker.

3. Tapping your head gently is effective in helping to increase blood flow to your scalp, and tapping everywhere else in your body is remarkable for relaxation and lymph fluid drainage. This will help to detoxify your kidneys, the blood distributor of your body that nourishes your hair follicles and more.

4. Eat your way to a healthy head of hair that is shiny and full.

Regrettably,  poor quality hair can fall out in clumps. An acupressure point for blood circulation to the scalp can increase hair growth.
Regrettably, poor quality hair can fall out in clumps. An acupressure point for blood circulation to the scalp can increase hair growth. | Source

Think of Your Gorgeous Hair Growing and It Will Grow

I like to listen to soothing music and close my eyes, and then take notice of my breath. I dream of my beautiful hair growing while I relax, and gently tap my body.

Special shampoos for hair loss are a tremendous help in helping to recover lost hair follicles. Biotin and silica shampoos in particular coat your scalp with vitamins that make your hair stronger and less likely to fall out.

Acupuncture is exceptional and works quickly for hair loss; however, it is expensive.

Getting frustrated doesn't help with hair loss at all!

Being patient makes an enormous difference in how your hair is truly growing.

Acupressure Strengthens the Kidneys and Increases Hair Growth

Eat Your Way to a Healthier Scalp and Hair Growth

It takes time for hair to grow! You need to check your food plan, and start eating more whole super foods. Eat quality proteins such as cooked eggs, nuts, chicken, fish and lean beef, since hair is composed of protein.

Biotin helps hair to grow, therefore, it is important to consume foods loaded with heaps of biotin such as brown rice, bulgar, green peas, lentils, oats, sunflower seeds and walnuts.

You can increase your nutritional stores by 100% by ingesting a whole organic food supplement every day. By eating foods packed with nutrients and vitamins, your hair will become fortified internally.

Your healthy diet will help to make your hair shine with luster and elasticity too. Eating snack foods packed with energy forces that oxygenate your blood with vigor while you exercise to sweat is easy. Ingesting a whole food supplement also goes a long way in helping hair to grow healthier.

Ginkgo Biloba has been proven to increase circulation to the scalp and using apple cider vinegar and sage tea as a final hair rinse helps hair to grow faster. Green tea may aid in reducing your hair loss and so does massaging ten drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil in your head. Shampooing with a keratin or biotin hair product goes a long way in reducing hair loss too.

Eat These Vegetables to Help Hair Grow Faster

Alfalfa sprout, cabbage, cabbage sprouts, cucumber, kale, lamb's quarters, lettuce, pepper, watercress and wheat grass help tremendously with hair growth. Try to eat these vegetables every day in their purest form to receive the maximum vitamins and minerals to your scalp.

Besides, these fresh veggies will nourish your kidneys and this will enhance blood circulation to your scalp. You can cheat by supplementing your diet with an organic whole food supplement that delivers nutrition directly to your cells and hair follicles. It will be easier to prepare than juicing fruits and veggies. Simply swallow your supplement with a full glass of water and a meal, and remember to eat heaps of vegetables day in and day out.

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Confer with a Dermatologist for Your Falling Hair to Rule Out an Autoimmune Disease Such as Lupus, Allergies, or Acne.

Doing the suggestions in this hub simultaneously in a given period of time will prove a tremendous advantage in your repertoire of actions against the cause of your hair loss.

If you're not getting the results, you desire, I suggest you consult a dermatologist for your falling locks and bad hair days.

© 2010 Sheila Craan


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  • Craan profile image

    Sheila Craan 8 years ago from Florida

    I think my advice applies to minor cases of hair loss.

  • theblackedition profile image

    Shane Brown-Daniels 8 years ago from Jamaica

    Interesting hub Craan! Could these methods help men who are going bald too? or is it just for minor cases of hair loss?