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Are You Ready for Algebra?

Updated on September 30, 2013


Algebra is one of the largest parts of math next to number sense.

Basic Opertaions

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Are you ready for Algebra?

Algebra can be a big scary concept for many students. From adults to middle school students there is fear among people just starting into Algebra. Algrebraic thinking can be an abstract concept that requires students to think beyond basic number sense and understand the theories behind how numbers work.

The question becomes are you prepared to take Algebra.

Step 1: Can you do the four basic operations?

Take the quiz at the left to see if you are prepared for the first step toward being prepared for Algebra.

Understanding the Quiz Results

If you did great and fully understand the basic four operations, Great! Keep reading!

If you truly struggled with the above 4 problems do not take algebra. You are not ready. You will have to work ten times harder than anyone in the class to be successful. This is basic math and you need to practice these skills before moving onto anything else.

Math can look Scary!
Math can look Scary! | Source

Understanding Properties

The next objective is to understand the properties of addition and multiplication. There properties need to be understood before entering algebra because once you replace numbers with variable that concepts need to be clear and precise.

  • Associative
  • Identity
  • Commutative
  • Distributive
  • Zero

These properties will be the basics for adding and multiplying in algebraic expressions. Be sure you know and comprehend how these work as a concept and not just with numbers. Numbers will soon be replaced with variables.

Pre - Algebra

Have you taken pre-algebra?

See results

Beyond the 4 Operations

There are several types of operations beyond adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing that you will need to know before algebra.

  • Exponents
  • Square Roots
  • Absolute Values


Knowing your multiplication facts is an essential mathematical skill, you won't always have a calculator.

Factors & Multiples

Knowing how numbers work is an important concept to understand before you start algebra.

Factors and multiplies of numbers are an important concepts to understand are a big part of number sense.

It is important to see patterns in numbers and factors pars that go together..

Order of Operations

Order of operations within expressions, parenthesis, and exponents is a major concept that needs to be understood in order to be prepared for Algebra.

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

Hopefully you know this process and it is a simple review



Multiplication & Division

Addition & Subtraction

Knowing the correct steps and process will help you be a prepared and suvvessful student when it comes to algebra.

Know When to Get Help

If you are in over your help look for help through tutoring, study groups, essential skills reviews, a remedial class, or any method that does not involve cheating.

If you are constantly confused and do not understand the teachers instructions you may be in over your head. If you are struggling with the actual math involved in the problem than you may be in over your head.

Be prepared for algebra to be hard even if you haven't had struggles in math before. Be prepared to work harder than you have in other classes.

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