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Are children better off in school systems , home schooled or simply free to work or whatever?

Updated on November 27, 2016

Options for Life Preparation

1). Homeschool

2). Public/ Private School

3) Military School or Academy

4) Stay at Home Chores

5) A Combination of any above

Which option is right? Maybe the best option is a combination of multiple options. Maybe, and almost surely, there are options that I have overlooked or left out for whatever reason. I look forward to getting feedback.

Revolutionary Schooling

So, who was raised and educated simply by working and doing chores, duties at home? Who was home schooled and who went to public school or private? I ask the question knowing that there really isn't one category that outperforms another one. I'd be willing to bet money that my own private schooling could not have kept me from the life decisions that I would have made had I been home schooled or farm raised (whatever the term) or truant. My belief is that so many people have been educated through so many differing channels whether they be military school, the streets, life of hard knocks, catholic school, private school, farm chore work, or running wild and lawless or maybe hungry on the streets. Did I cover all examples of routes that an individual can be put on in order to receive an education or training? Probably not!

Okay, if I have to choose one route to take in order for myself to achieve the highest level of preparation for matters of life, I would choose home schooling. I can see flaws in homeschooling options as well. For example, the same type of programming that is said to go on in public or private schools settings and higher education formats could likely occur in a homeschooling setting. I applaud parents that homeschool their own children because I can imagine the difficulty in knowing whether or not the material will suffice for the near future.

Which is best?

Which life preparation option is best for us?

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