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Updated on February 27, 2016

Surf light on streets crowded with people looks upon the unique appearance of the Infiniti QX80 is something that the owner of this model received next to the world-class luxury, when owning large SUV model.

Infiniti QX80 is in the segment minivans full-size competition with a series of other caste names as the Lexus LX570, Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes GL-Class. The new generation of cars to Japan introduced to consumers in early 2015 with the changes in the design of modern sports.


Novelty, originality in design of Infiniti QX80 comes from the muscular curves combined with great design details, stylized. In 2016, QX80 this is the version to upgrade the design of the old version with the changes consistent with the aesthetic tendency of consumers to xe looks more chic and modern.

The changes in the exterior design of the car came from the grille shape hive sure is bright chrome-trimmed elegance, headlight clusters LED new design format, daytime running lights, supplemental turn signals LED form a new attraction. The design of the car also sports thanks to stop before the vehicle was also combined with the refreshing fog lights LED form clusters, chrome rims …

Seen from the rear, the tail design car Infiniti QX80 did not have many changes compared to its predecessor version. The design still stands guard with a stop after the large size handy for the picnic or trip to transport the furniture up and down the luggage compartment, large size taillight clusters with high recognition along the bars of chromium creative highlight.

Infiniti QX80 2016 owns the overall dimensions length x width x height x 1,930 x 2,112 5290 respectively (mm) wheelbase, 3075 mm. The lazang aluminum alloy multi finger size 22-inch help increase computer sports car comes tires 275/50R22. Empty weight of QX80 up to over 2.7 tons of the solid brush and certainly for the car, especially when operated at high speed.

The Interior

Owning a large size, the space inside the cabin of QX80 enough to make you overwhelmed with the same spacious like the size to a of the details. Besides, luxury, sophistication is expressed through the high-quality materials and the combination of colors of leather, wood, silver and chrome-plated accents on the car.

Glide smoothly on the large SUV model Infiniti QX80 smooth Surfing on the 2024 large SUV Infiniti QX80 2016
Is a model minivans meet a maximum of comfort for the family, QX80 was deployed by sitting position 2-2-3. Car seats are upholstered with leather front seats power adjustable position, thanks to the position of the seats and the support was in the car. The second row of seats of the vehicle is designed with business style with 2 separate benches along large hand guard position in the Center, this will be a wonderful choice for a car model for entrepreneurs, the “big boss” or a great care for older people in the family.

The third row seats position is the space reserved for the “little people” in the family, with only a gentle manipulation, leading to large seat chair 2 was folded easily create a convenient space to move into the third row of seats. However, this position was only equipped with two head restraints but compensate car seats have great design brings the comfort along the ceiling space of the car seat and very comfortable.

Infiniti QX80 are equipped with features more advanced facilities provide comfort for the driver and those who go along with the entertainment system on the car with 8-inch color screen in the Center, Bose sound system, AM/FM/CD along 13 speakers. The multimedia connection ports USB/AUX Bluetooth connection. The following seats equipped with two 7-inch DVD screens mounted on the headrest front seats to play the multimedia video is a wireless remote control for the following row brings comfort to the voyages.


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