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Sex education in public schools?

Updated on September 11, 2012

Teach the Children Well

Of course it should be a mandatory subject. Not teaching children what is going on in their own bodies as they reach that age when hormones are stronger than any super hero is irresponsible!

I can't even imagine how a young girl would feel if she was not warned about the coming of her period.

Birth control should also be a mandatory subject and ALL aspects should be fully explained. The very idea that only abstinence should be taught is close to criminal negligence! There has never been a time in history when abstinence has been an effective answer and it isn't one today. People are going to have sex period! They are starting younger today and they are more active. The risks are also much higher with the increase of STDs.

The archaic concept that teaching only abstinence will change behavior is a guarantee for more unwanted and unplanned pregnancies in a world where overpopulation is the biggest threat facing mankind.

I don't support showing pornographic films to children but they should be taught the biology and chemistry involved. They should be encouraged to use abstinence but they should be taught birth control in all of its various forms. And the many myths should be exposed. Responsible parenting comes from knowledge and we have a responsibility to see that today's youth has all of the facts.


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