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Are you with it?: A poem explaining what is expected from today's teachers

Updated on May 25, 2012

Today's Teacher

Teacher's have to be able to be with it!
Teacher's have to be able to be with it! | Source

Are you with it?

Withitness is that awareness of everything!

From the beginning to the end of every student's learning.

Withitness is the ability to instruct a whole class,

While helping a small group complete a specific task.

Withitness is a must.

To juggle all the paperwork and the rush.

It is that state of mind.

To be everywhere all at one time.

When you are with it, you just might have a checklist

To keep chaos out of the midst.

A withit teacher knows what needs to be done,

Before the day has begun

Also with it teachers remember themselves, to keep their health in tact,

Always available to instruct, to coach, to facilitate learning with a real impact.

Ask yourself are you with it?

To always be in the knowing!

Accountable,strong, and outgoing?

If not become a with it teacher, that is the only way you will survive!!


The story behind the poem

When I was a senior in college, at the University of Houston, one of the requirements was to complete an Educational Symposium. All the students had to display different aspects of teaching and education.There were several different topics, from classroom management to word wall effectiveness. I wanted to pick something out of the box to write about and to share.

Well I remember before student teaching, when a professor went over the professional attributes expected in the program. Withitness was the one attribute that nobody in the class understood. We had to act out all the attributes, and this particular one had to be explained.

So throughout my student teaching I sought to truly understand if withitness was at all possible. I found that it is basically the teacher at his or her best at all times. However, I feel that with teachers being human, it can be difficult and unrealistic to expect teachers to be this way all the time. I think that this as a standard is something for teachers to strive to be, but I do not believe that teachers should stress out about being perfect. In the educational world today in the U.S, teachers are being scrutinized extensively. Some teachers are really good and then there are those who are just collecting pay checks. These days the good are suffering with the bad in many districts. I have noticed that the pressures of standardized testing does not always pressure teachers into teaching often times it pressures them into dictating kids and drilling them mercilessly. A withit teacher arises to the ability to effectively handle the high expectations in the current education world that is evolving constantly.


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