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Aristotle's views on ethics and politics

Updated on October 21, 2019
Aristotle | Source

Aristotle views

Muslim thinkers and scholars base their ethics on the verses of the Quran, which incorporate Iranian and Indian traditions, though apparently they divide them according to Aristotle's principles and are supported by Socrates, Plato, Galen, also quotes Hippocrates.
Plato said that the greatest virtue is knowledge and that justice is the basis of all virtues. Aristotle has a similar range of opinions to him but adds that the method creates a balance between good and evil. Plato incorporates humility, modesty, moderation, action, and maturity or excellence. Aristotle also counts the virtues remaining without righteousness. The Qur'an counts humanity, patience, modesty, faith, loyalty, and self-sacrifice in the great virtues, but Aristotle does not even mention one of them. His virtues are humility, moderation, free-thinking, dignity, and courage. He counts with the right motives, self-respect, gentleness, truth, zeal and friendship or virtue.
There are also two very important aspects of all these virtues that will add the well-known ones to Bryan. The ways of virtue are less and less, and the evolution of the intellect, knowledge, and circumstances of the individual is constantly changing.
In a few words, it does not say that Aristotle's idea involves the abundance or the slightest illusion of any one thing or attribute. The virtues of Aristotle are of the eastern but not the western kind. His purpose is that man can attain full sense through physical and rational practice and find true happiness in its fulfillment.
Aristotle's theory in politics was that the ideal state would be in which only about six thousand citizens lived, who might have been slaves in the war for service, or other non-Greek slaves, from whom the Danes had grown up and served the civil service. Large.
His ideal family includes men, women, children, and slaves. If we divide society according to his doctrine, then according to him, the highest rank is that of the Greeks, for whom there must be comfort and leisure. One can gain knowledge and study philosophy.
Then come the maidens and the butchers, who work for wages or the last of the slaves. The state must be a port, but the state should not be associated with the sea.
Aristotle had no passion for trade but he counted the pillars of land, livelihoods, and mining, as the most important source of wealth creation. In his view, paying interest is an unnatural and unjustified way to become a monarch. Islam also prohibits interest.
According to Aristotle's view, the Greeks have the full right to serve as slaves by defeating other nations in battle. He gives rank to the rest of the world except the Greeks.
During that period, slavery was rampant in Asia and Europe, and Christian religious scholars have also justified slavery. Islam is against the abolition of slavery, but he urges them to treat and treat them humanely.


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