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Article Review: NASA’s MAVEN Hints at Why Mars Lost its Atmosphere

Updated on December 6, 2016

Why Mars Lost its Atmosphere

This engineering article, which talks about the exploration of Mar´s atmosphere by NASA is an interesting read for anyone who is interested in space and the technological advances that these missions gives us. The article is about NASA and the explorations and discoveries it is doing on Mars. This article was published by the website called and it was published on December 17, 2014. The author´s name is not displayed on this article. This website has the purpose of giving engineering related news but in an entertaining and understandable way, where the words used are the ones everyone understands and you are not just left confused after reading the article.

The article talks about the mission done by NASA on the upper atmosphere of planet Mars, this mission is called the Maven mission, which is short for Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution mission. This is a machine that orbits around Mars and is retrieving data of Mar´s atmosphere. This instrument is capable of measuring the atmospheric loss of Mars. This new data has now given NASA scientists a clearer view and understanding of why Mars has lost its atmosphere. NASA can now understand better how solar wind was able to affect Mar´s atmosphere, how gases leaves its atmosphere and also they understand much better how Mar´s system works.

I found this article to be interesting and a very good article because it tries to simplify things into a more understanding level. I liked that this article explains what the machine does, what information it received and what does this data mean in a way that a lot of people can understand. Usually an engineering article can be very complex and this can discourage a lot of people from reading it and you loose interest in a fast way, but if it´s explained in an understandable way, then you are able to comprehend how interesting it is what you are reading. The weakness for this article could be the topic since a lot of people can loose interest in this topic in a fast way or just dismiss it after reading its title, but in an overall the way it was structured and explained makes it a very friendly engineering article.

In conclusion, I do recommend this article because I found it interesting and it is not written in a complex and boring way. This article is more of an informative article where the author discusses about NASA and its discoveries about Mar´s atmosphere. The author does not give negative judgments, he only discusses of the event that took place and what the event means, because of this I think that the authors work here is adequate. This adequate work where the author explains everything in an understandable and entertaining way is the main reason why I recommend this article. If you like space and innovating technology that is able to reach other planets, then this is an article that is written just for you.


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