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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Updated on February 26, 2013

Modern Technology Advances Intellect

by Eric J. Specht

June 2010

I believe technology has already reached the artificial Intelligence level and achieved singularity. Speculation expresses humans create and compose the intelligence of machines, therefore cannot surpass human intellect. In addition, the acceleration of digital advancements is limited to human knowledge, thus concluding futuristic predictions inconclusive. However, Arthur C. Clarke predicted gestational satellite communications (Beekman & Beekman, 2006/2009, pp. 281), but was unaware how it changed our lifestyle today. Ray Kurzweil’s discusses the predictions of artificial intelligence and illustrates the digital growth rate in his online seminars. Human intelligence may create advance technology, but modern technology advances our intellect at an exponential rate, concluding that computers are superior. Overall computers are designed to be more effective and efficient than humanity. The dependency we have on computers, continuous technology advancements, and predicted technological potentials indicates that singularity and AI possibilities been breached.

Compromise Human Intellect

There are two sides to everything and in most cases it is the pro’s and con’s and on the decisive scale it does not matter if the positive context weighs more, there will always be the abuse of something great. Ray Kurzweil predicts implementing digital cells into the body through injection can cure diseases. However, he also suggests these injections can give anyone the ability to exceed the performance of an Olympian. Surreal as it sounds, if this was to become true, computers connection inside the human body may develop the ability to compromise human intellect in a spiteful manner, or a malevolent human may design such a possible functions. However, we enjoy the benefits of new technology and look forward to future technology expectations, so for now we can enjoy the benefits of less futuristic ideas.

Nano Technology
Nano Technology | Source

Digital Feats

Revolutionary technology, such as voice recognition, language translation, and cloud computing allows shared culture interactions and resources. Communication is significant personally, professionally, and enjoyable for our entertainment. Connecting our countries together under the digital cloud expands our intellect and provides opportunity in comprehending cultural traits. Language barriers will no longer be an obstacle, digital speech translators can translate one language to another via internet, telephone, mobile phone, and in text format. Google is on website that offers real time translation via internet. Translation in real time over the phone will also be available as well as using the mobile phone to scan text and then translating it to our native tongue. Technology advancements are most beneficial, however we cannot neglect the potential threats because its benefits are rewarding.


Beekman, G., & Beekman, B. (2009). Chapters 1,7-9. In Tomorrow's Technology and You (Ninth ed.). New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc. (Original work published 2006).


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