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As an Educator, How Will You Respond?

Updated on January 25, 2012

Teachers and educators play a great role in the class room as well as in the education process. As it has been mentioned in my article, the most important aspect for educators or teachers is to know their students well. Students’ needs are considered as the centre of the success of any educational process. The way teachers respond to their students is of a great importance as well.

Students relay much trust on teachers and educators. Unfortunately, some educators do not have sufficient knowledge or pay any attention to this. They explain, deliver information, and answer questions asked by students and so on…. paying no attention to the way their students may react to their techniques. Some of negative effects may lie on students according to this are:

- Lose of self-confidence.

- Lack of trust on teachers.

- Poor educational results.

I am going to mention some questions I have realized and experienced during the period of being a university student as well as the responses students have got.

‘’ Teacher,…I’m really poor in writing… I’m afraid I will fail in your test ‘’… In case this question has been directed to you, what will you say as a response?

One negative answer could be given to the student is, ‘’ that’s your problem, not mine.’’ It is clear that the student has asked for help and chose someone he/she trusted. Another similar situation is when the teacher responds to a question in such a way: ‘’ is this a question? This is our point today…. If you ask this, it means you understand nothing ….’’ All of this can destroy students’ self confidence. On the other hand, there are some teachers who do not know the answer of the question being asked by a student, and instead of responding in a good way they go around and talk about different topics or points. It is clear that this can lead students to lose their trust on teachers and educators.

One more situation is when teachers show too much pride of themselves. To make it more clear, there are some teachers who do not behave in a humble way. They spend their time telling students about the great achievements they have made and wasting the class time. As a consequence, the educational process can be deviated from its drawn path.

To sum up, schools and universities are considered as the second home for students. Teachers play a great role as educators to bring up confident as well as dependent generations, so it is very important to pay great attention to the way they treat their students as well as the way they respond to their questions. Otherwise, the education process will be misdirected or failed.


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