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Asbestos Law

Updated on February 11, 2018

About Asbestos

A fibrous material that is used to make products fireproof. Earlier on it was used quite extensively in many products especially building materials. The material itself is a carcinogen. This is quite harmful to humans and when this was discovered it became a major ban resorting to the asbestos being removed from all dwellings, offices, industrial buildings and especially schools. This became an issue when people became ill by removing the asbestos.

Asbestos Ban and Phase Out

A final rule banning most asbestos containing products was issued by the EPA on July 12, 1989. However, in 1991 this regulation was turned over by the "Fifth Circut Court of Appeals" in New Orleans. There is still a large list of banned materials. Most of the permanent banned asbestos materials are used in building materials and the ban will stay ensuring that we will use an alternative to asbestos.



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