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Asocial Prisoners Of The Holocaust

Updated on January 13, 2012

A socials was a term to describe people that the Nazis deemed undesirables who were non Jewish, they ranged from tramps to curfew violators.

A Socials:

1. Prostitutes

2. Lesbians

3. Alcoholics

4. Tramps

5. Homeless

6. Curfew Violators

7. Nonconformists

8. Vagrants

9. Race Defilers

Prostitutes were given the choice in the concentration camps that they could be released if they would work as prostitutes for the German guards and officers there. They were taken to better huts and given more rations than the other women but very few were released, and those who became infected or pregnant could be sent to the gas chamber or for medical experimentation. Lesbians were also used as prostitutes because although Lesbianism was considered by the Nazis as temporary, curable with sexual re-education or corrective rape, there are only 5 known cases of lesbian women being sent to concentration camps. Race Defilers were Aryans, who were married to, slept with or were accused of seeing Jewish people or anyone deemed sub human such as gypsies, Slavs etc and wore the black triangle usually with the triangle that their partner would wear such as if the person they had married was Jewish then it would be a Yellow Triangle underneath to make the Star of David, A socials were treated terribly as life in the camps was hard for any inmate having to work for hours on end, with little or no food or water, the conditions in the camps were harsh many perished from hunger, disease, exhaustion, cold and brutal treatment.
It is a known fact that between 1942 and 1943 almost 6000 of the 12,658 asocial prisoners died in the concentration camps under the “Extermination Through Work Programme.” This programme was also used for mental and disabled prisoners in the camps if they had not become victims of the T4 Programme.


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