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Assessing a Bachelor’s Degree Online

Updated on August 10, 2015
Learn how to access the Bachelors Degree Online for success.
Learn how to access the Bachelors Degree Online for success. | Source

Earning a bachelor’s degree online is one of the most convenient ways for students with full time jobs and family obligations to get a degree. The most common forms of distance learning these days are through online courses.

Salary Increase or Job Offer

Many individuals these days are earning their Bachelor’s degrees in various fields through online bachelor degree programs. A bachelor’s degree may make a difference in receiving a job offer, a promotion or a salary increase.

Online Degree Choices

Getting a bachelor’s degree online is very rewarding. Just like traditional schools and universities, there are some choices and concerns to address before you start your degree process.

How Employers View Degrees Online

Most hiring managers do acknowledge bachelor’s degrees earned through online bachelor degree programs. There are some employers who may view degrees earned online in a different way, but many employers and job recruiters see no major distinction between degrees earned online vise one earned on campus. If your degree was earned from an accredited school, it will most likely be viewed as legit.


Finding an Accredited Online University

If you are perusing a degree online, you will see a large of amount of online colleges and universities offering a wide range of online degree courses on their websites. Online universities and schools have various admission standards, rules and regulations and tuition costs.

You want to obtain your degree from an accredited school so your degree will be recognized by your future employers. You also want to find a school with online bachelor’s degree programs that you can afford, thus you will want to start your research.

Consider Regionally Accredited Institutions

Obtaining a bachelor degree online from a regionally accredited institution is very important when it comes to employment and the legitimacy of the degree. Most companies and job applications will not inquire as to whether or not your degree was earned online. However; your degree should be legitimate and from an accredited school to avoid possible termination from a job after you are hired.

How to Begin your Research and Evaluation

The best way to start your research online is through an online college directory. The Get Educated website is one of the best directories for bachelor’s degree programs and universities. You can find factual information on regionally accredited schools and online degree programs. You will be able to compare every detail such as administrations and faculty members and student services.


Previous College Credits

If you have previous college credits from one or more associate’s or life experience degrees, The Get Educated .com directory can assist you in determining whether your college credits will convert over to a bachelor’s degree online program that may interest you.

After you complete your Bachelor’s degree online, you may want to continue your education by enrolling in a Master’s degree program online. Remember, a higher level of education could offer more opportunities for you.


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    • profile image

      OLDNAVY 5 years ago

      Yes, I really like the idea of being able to earn a legit bachelors online. This is really rewarding for folks that are too busy to attend classes on a college campus.

    • profile image

      bachelors degree 5 years ago

      I must confess that I was a bit sceptical about online bacherlors degree until I spoke to my uncle who works for a recruitment firm. He said what you mention in this article; that there are really looked on as being the same as ones which have been studied in a land based classroom.

      I have started a course with and it fits in perfectly with my lifestyle to learn this way.


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