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Athletes and sports people after an intense activity eat glucose

Updated on April 29, 2015

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Carbohydrates foods


Carbohydrates on digestion turn into glucose

All our activities require energy. Our body needs energy even when we are sleeping. Our energy supply comes from two major sources. Our major sources of energy are cereals, sugar, jaggery, some kinds of fruits and potatoes. These foods contain large quantity of chemicals called carbohydrates. These are the compounds made of carbon, hydrogen and carbohydrates and oxygen. We also get energy from the oils,butter and ghee. Many of the nuts and meat also contain fair quantity of oils and fats. We some times refer to oils and fats as lipids. They serve as concentrated energy food.

Carbohydrates on digestion turn into glucose. Glucose gets into the blood. The food supplies glucose to each living cells of the body. Any inadequate or excess of glucose might lead to adverse effects. Insufficient supply of glucose may lead to tiredness, weakness and lack of concentration. Excess of glucose can add to our weight. Hence, we must take carbohydrates in moderate quantity.

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The functions of carbohydrates are multiple

Carbohydrates help in the regulation of sugar in the blood stream. This ensure adequate supply of carbohydrates to every cell. Thus, carbohydrates act as a shield and protect muscles. Complex carbohydrates such as cellulose are excellent source of fire. Fruits, dairy products, Jaggery, sugar and vegetables provide simple carbohydrates.

Person with intense and active lifestyle needs more carbohydrates. Unused carbohydrates in the body are stored up as fats. Persons with sedentary lifestyle must be careful. Excessive collection of fats in the body may result in over weight and obesity . This may in turn lead to many other health problems.

The functions of carbohydrates are multiple. Therefore, it is necessary to include food items with carbohydrates in our meal. For instant energy generation, sugars and starch are perfect fuels. They help to carry out physical activities efficiently and effectively. Fibres present in carbohydrates such as cellulose keeps bowel movement smooth. Consumption of carbohydrates in different foods will also pave way for consumption of other essential nutrients.


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