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Infants needs special care while being fed with milk

Updated on August 30, 2015

Babies' Feed

Breast feeding is the most suitable method to feed a baby.Though there three most common methods to feed a baby they are as such :-Breast feeding, artificial feeding and mixed feeding .Breast feeding should be encouraged in babies as it has many advantages:Breast feeding enhances the sentimental bonds between mother and baby. breast-feeding stimulates the generation of prolactin, which promotes uterine contraction and back to recovery.The breast milk has perfect ratio of calcium and phosphorus, which are easy for a baby to absorb and use it in its body to build strong immune system and growth. Breast milk's temperature is perfect for a baby, besides, no external contamination is involved in breast milk it is completely safe for a newborn child.The nutritional value is high in mother's milk and the digestion and absorption of mother's milk is easy for the suckling baby.

Feeding infants before sleep hels them to grow faster

Beyond breast feeding ,take care of other milk given to the baby

The development of newborn or infant's gastrointestinal function is most likely because of inappropriate feeding methods. parents need to take good amount of precaution while feeding the baby. Besides feeding the baby with breast milk, goat's or cow's milk or formula milk is best for the baby but it's feeding method should be taken special care as it is comparatively fastidious to breast milk. special care should be take of the feeding bottle it should be sterilized well before being used ,Improper feeding method or unclean bottles can sometimes prove fatal and is not only detrimental to children's normal growth, but will also cause diarrhea, vomit and many other related aliments some times dripping of milk from the side of the bottle may lead skin problem around the neck of the baby special care should be taken to clean the baby after every feed and keep the baby dry
Don't put too much sugar in the milk of the baby , as excessive sweetness may interfere with baby's absorption of calcium in milk, may weaken the nutritional content of the milk, it may also result in diarrhea, abdominal distention ,pain etc.Do not add brown sugar, Because brown sugar carry excessive oxalic acid which may interfere with baby’s absorption of protein.

If the concentration of milk is too high it may have more natrium content in it this make the sodium concentration in the baby's blood increase and lead to dyspepsia,diarrhea, constipation,blood pressure increase or even twitch to a baby.Too much thick milk may lead to necrotizing enterocolitis. thus,the milk given to the infants should be diluted, the milk powders which are available in the market have uniform specification of how much to add to how much of water scoops are provided for measure such as to add thirty ml of warm boiled water into a teaspoon of milk powder.

According to Experts' advice the endocrine system function in the babies are active and a large number of growth hormone release while the babies are sleeping. If rich calcium content of the milk can enter into the body at the bedtime milk and combine with the growth hormone, it will fasten the growth of bones and children will grow taller. Some mothers miss this opportunity due to lack of proper knowledge and they worry that children will wet the bed if they drink milk before sleep. It's pity why do they not ask their doctor for proper care of babies .

A big mistake often mothers make is of not feeding water to the infants additionally to the babies. Many parents have a misconception that they don't need to feed additional water to the baby. But they are not aware that the milk is enriched in protein as well as calcium, phosphorus, sodium and other minerals. When these enter into the body, the body will use ample amount of water and will result in dry and hard stool,supply of water in plenty can clean non nasality and reduce the chance of getting thrush in infants.

If milk is kept in vacuum cup for a long time and the temperature drops to a certain extent, the bacteria will multiply massively and the milk will deteriorate in quality within three to four hours. Baby who sucks such milk will suffer from vomit, diarrhea, dyspepsia and even poisoning.If we need to put milk powder in the vacuum cup for going out, it has to be kept dry beforehand, as it may be seen that the similar kind of problem may occur,this needs attention before it makes your baby sick.


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