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Attitudinal Change Mechanism in Curbing Corruption

Updated on April 15, 2016

I have chosen to give the issue of attitudinal change as a mechanism in dealing with corruption, a special attention in order for us to emphasize one point, that it is pointless and ruinous to indulge in any act of corruption. since the psychological and the spiritual dimension of the human specie are crucial factors in the analysis and determination of his action, the issue of change of attitude becomes an indispensable mechanism in dealing with corruption. An act of corruption, being a relatively enduring attitude or predisposition, is organized around an object or situation. In other words, man social action is directed by his attitude or disposition. since this is the case, it follows that it is possible for a person to modify or redirect his action if his attitude changes. What, however is the make-up of one's attitude and why is an attitude subject to change.

Answers to these questions could be preferred. First is that one's cognition, feeling and action tendencies, with respect to the various object in one's world, are organized into attitude as one grows. As should be expect, one's psychological world is always limited at any point in time, with the invariable implication that the kind of attitude one has will also be limited in scope. Secondly, change in attitude occurs whenever one's psychological world receives new information which is likely to alter the satisfaction one had received from his earlier attitude. In short, a fresh message is capable of changing one's belief about the object of an attitude.

Corruption through bribery, cheating, dishonesty, deceit e.t.c is an attitude most people have towards living and for the realization of a fulfilled and comfortable life. This attitude has been persistent and is contagious to the extent that it would appear that to live without corruption would be an abnormality. That is why corruption in most part of the world has become an ingrained attitude, so firmly entrenched that it seems difficult to change. Unfortunately, the attitude holds some obvious danger which, because of limitation in the psychological world, those with this attitude are yet to be aware of.

Furthermore, any actions with an inherent evil is an evil. if corruption is evil with an inherent danger, it means that those who engage in corruption act in ignorance. Many people would need to be delivered from their ignorance about the law of natural justice, known also as the law of nemesis and the law of law of karma, according to which every evil done sooner or later backfires on the doer, and that there is no escape from it, nor does it have any exception. It is my conviction that by exposing to people the full adverse implication of corruption, their attitude towards toeing the path of improbity would be drastically reduced.

Much of the statement on the implication of evil are spiritual principles. For example, it should be a surprise if one planted corns and harvested pumpkins therefore, it cannot be. It is, therefore a natural law that 'whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap'. Besides those who sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind. And one who lives a promiscuous life must expect misery and ruin. Any election that was planned, executed and won through corruption should expect nothing but an aftermath of an institutionalized corruption. This is as it should be since everything in nature produces its kind. All bribes, gratification, inducements, extorted money, proceeds from fraudsters, graft e.t.c. should be seen as bread of deceit. What is unlawfully gained cannot be comfortably used.

Sometimes, the long span of evil could add to a false sense of security. it is easy to misjudge God's patience for either ignorance or approval of the wrong way we live. In actual fact, in his kindness, God holds back his judgement, giving people time to turn away from their evil ways. In some other cases, some persons might be disappointed by not living long enough to have a taste of their corrupt labor. The lesson is that unjustly acquired riches, fame or property may disappear when counted on for security. for instance if you look in our cities and towns, you will see falsely acquired mansions, large estates and stupendous bank account whose owners no longer lived to enjoy.

While we consider the exposure of the life risks involved in corruption as a weapon in the arsenal to fight the scourge, it would also serve a useful purpose to emphasize the merits of transparency in service. Although wealth in itself is desirable in life, and should not be condemned, yet the legitimacy of its sources and acquisition methods should be given greater consideration than the wealth itself. The Machiavellian principle in human enterprise should be reassessed for fresh scoring. In other words, for the war against corruption to be meaningful, both the end and the means should come under scrutiny for justification. Otherwise, one should consider it better to have a little money, honestly earned, than to have a large turn-over gained deceitfully. Greed turns out to be the instigator to bribery and dishonest riches. Many persons who had served and are still serving jail terms in various prison cells may have left their family members in trouble as a result of their greed and dishonest enrichment.

It is generally lamentable as well as challenging that with corruption as a national and world plague and affecting almost every facet of our daily life, one wonders how many people would desire to toe the path of honor in their daily life activities. Blinded by greed and mad pursuit to amass wealth, many person's are not bothered about establishing legacies of exemplary conduct and virtue and are unmindful of the fact that there is reward for goodness. It does not matter to them what history makes of their names after they have left this world. Not many would prefer good reputation to great ill-gotten riches. Not many would want to make their lives sublime and departing, leaving behind them footprint on the sands of time. we are reminded that, "A good name is better than wealth".


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