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Aahh, Then To The City (Authenticity)

Updated on September 6, 2015

Where Blue And Green Reign Supreme

Capturing a dream, as I look over the horizons from the many hilltops of this  Emerald city
Capturing a dream, as I look over the horizons from the many hilltops of this Emerald city | Source

Waterfronts became our First Cities

Costly lands bring in great industry, from there we grow into little hubs of communities to support the seas, then walla, next thing you know, a great city.

Sitting in a ring of fire, full of volcanic activity, she focused mostly on the trade route industry in the early days. Being close to the sea connects her to the western islands and trade routes the natives traveled up and down the coast all along the lands north to Alaska and back.

A Boat With A Job To Do

Fresh Seafood For You
Fresh Seafood For You | Source


What makes a great city? The available jobs, the visionary membership that broke ground with the timber industry. Then the gold rush, then back to the sea.

The working together, the economical booms. The rich soil and timber from trees. A land fresh and willing and wide open to share her abundant harvest with one promise. Save the trees, remember the Native American Heritage, and we will always be your Emerald City. The bluest skies I have ever seen are still in Seattle.

Still don't like working there, at least not full time. Going through it has become easier than it use to be.

How Seattle Got It's Name

It all started in 1851 settling on a land now called Elliot Bay and moving to the now famous Pioneer Square historical part of the city.

From an indian chief, fishermen first hand. Sealth is Chief Seattle's real name, but the settlers had to change it. Kind of weird wouldn't you say?

These tribal people knew how to cook and eat these fine fish from the sea, add some bread and butter, from the pioneer day and feed the whole family on either side of the tree.

Queen City of the Pacific Northwest was how it was advertised in the gold rush of the early 1900s. How did it go from that to Emerald City? Believe it or not, a contest.

Now how would that look on the maps Queen or Emerald instead of Seattle? When white settlers first arrived here they called it New York with a tag, thankfully from local settlers of Alki. A New York on the east and west coast, glad we created our own identity.

She Can Remember The Sea

A day to test her patience, Hey Hey knew when the light took a second time to change. She doesn't like being able to handle the city frustrations. Who did she promise never to return? She'll find her way again.

He was only going to hear about how good the day was, not any of the painful frustrations that a day, all day on the city waterfront could heal. She's not to speak of it, Thunderbird medicine seems to say.

Not without Hannah around anyway, she understood what Hey Hey couldn't say. He was thinking let her go away to school like that we can't be separated were twins we can't guess we can we have to the argument went on and on forever had to stop just has to have to live our life separate that's it.
Hannah knew no matter how she said to Hey Hey would not understand until she did it. She knew she could do it, she had to, it was time.

As long as she had the sea, she could work in the city.

This Water Land Hangs Around A Great City

Come Enjoy the Fine Seafood Treats
Come Enjoy the Fine Seafood Treats | Source

Might As Well, No, Never Give Up

Aaha then to the city, that's how her mind works. She was told to return when she could do it on first thoughts to the doctors questions.
A walk thru authenticity. A vision quest, free to walk the streets, start a new life.

It's hard once you've been away to come back. She found herself still drawn to the ones that are being trained, that really don't know how to do their work. At least not according to the ways he's trying to teach. Too easy to start tripping in that place of uncertainty, so she must keep free to teach herself more than once, if that is what it takes.

"Time to let go of resentment, you both made a mistake."

Yes, she forgot her coupon in the frustration of the food being all put in one bag when she had just asked that it not be. How come the clerk didn't listen? Maybe she just didn't hear. No judgement here to be made, remember.

If they say the time was up the timers to go back to the authenticity back to the city live a life they're worth living I can't whispered Hey Hey, I just can't not yet. Now you can, he heard the faint whisper, he saw the mountain just seem to appear on the far away horizon as the sun shown brighter and the clouds disappeared, leaving only the blue and green light he needed to forge ahead.

"Yes you can, yes you can, see how bright and pretty it is? Hey Hey knew that he was truly hearing the soft whisper of Hannah's smiling voice, so far away, always praying for him to succeed in making a living so that the family would be more than just fed.

A Wonderful View Following Seattle Streets

Mistakes Have Perspective

The mistake was focusing on what? She can't even remember the coupon and then the gal and not a discount coupon and that was frustrated again who is not listening? Neither of us, Hannah, whispered to herself as the realization sunk in that she also forgot the damn cigarettes.

Stopping again, paying a higher price. What the hell, the music on the radio is encouraging me to rest. Might as well get an ice cream then and sit here out in the sun. There, that is better, no rush to go anywhere, so what if I got embarrassed back there,

"Hey Hey, I wish you were here, Hannah spoke softly now to herself. Yes, it does feel good now to go back to the forest it's safer there. We survived another day in the city.


Is the Language of Coast Salish from the straight of Georgia in British Columbia Canada through the Puget Sound in Washington State.

Long Walks In The City

The future has called her forward for way too long. Hey Hey still has trouble admitting that to the public at large. Only where he feels totally protected.

Hannah inhaled her ice cream bar knowing that even her voice of reasoning couldn't change Hey Hey's mind when it was in his creative space. Still, Hannah knew the battles Hey Hey was working through, for the both of them as she finally let go of the fear of that night as a sword to once again face the pain of the world, head on, with a force once again to conquer it.

With a peaceful view of the mountains and the sea, with total flexibility to roam about the city, learning how it tastes, Hey Hey knew Hannah stood firmly in the forest, praying for him, protecting him with all the oldest of old healing knowledge to become fully alive on this planet.

Hey Hey wanted nothing to do with these people. They were just kids; you knew not to go here; let go of the old, breathe and rest, rest, rest.
I can't I can't , didn't you hear about that beating in the room next to mine? I can't go back to the city and paste on a face of humility. I can't walk the streets again.

"Yes you can, just remember the sea."

Hey Hey almost forgot to enjoy the double chocolate cream until it plopped out of his cone into his lap. Then laughter is a very good medicine.

Every Corner, A Bite To Eat

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Fresh seafood always tastes finer to me when it is eaten outdoors next to a sea.
Fresh seafood always tastes finer to me when it is eaten outdoors next to a sea.
Fresh seafood always tastes finer to me when it is eaten outdoors next to a sea. | Source

In Facing Our Shame We Accept Our Love

The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are
The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are

In this book we are confronted with our compassion in a way that shows us the power of letting go. Our research though not on a scholarly level like hers, is still a worthy story that wants to be heard. With this blueprint before us to build the homes our hearts want to live in, our Authenticity is found wherever we are fully present.


Ahh, Then To The City (Authenticity)

What Does Authenticity Mean To You?

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The Power of Horse

Horse as Teacher: The Path to Authenticity
Horse as Teacher: The Path to Authenticity

Before there was a city, authenticity was found in the horses, giving up their wild mustang freedom to carry us onward to create a city.


Seattle is Home To A Bounty of Flowers

Also known in this Pacific Northwest for an abundance of Flower Shows
Also known in this Pacific Northwest for an abundance of Flower Shows | Source

Native Traditions Hold Sound

Alone on a hill the vibrations of this native land lives with us still.
Alone on a hill the vibrations of this native land lives with us still. | Source

© 2015 Maree Michael Martin

Sharing Deep Waters

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    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 2 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      So very true aviannovice, thanks for commenting. I haven't fulfilled my traveling dreams, Oklahoma is still on my list.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 2 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      If we open our eyes, we see that we are all native in some location. I have had the pleasure of Seattle and its offerings. Thanks for reminding me of that.