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Awareness, a Guided Tour into the Periphery

Updated on February 10, 2013

Awareness, a Guided Tour into the Periphery

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Within our conscious awareness there are truths that are hardly seen let alone understood. For most people awareness is purely directional, and by that I mean we see what is in front of us but rarely the periphery. This wasteland of half-vision is a reflection of our awareness, the possible results of our thoughts and the key to understanding more than our blinkered sight.

Expanding our awareness is a phrase often used for those on a path of enlightenment, and in a real sense that is exactly what is happening. When we expand our conscious awareness we extend our view into the periphery, where reflections of thought can be seen as a pending action. This vast landscape offers an understanding of possible results and therefore a guide about considered movement, in thought and on a physical level.

Viewing the periphery of our awareness and sight gives us a broader view of perceived reality. Without blinkers we can view not only present thoughts but their affect on any taken action. It’s the same as that saying, ‘thinking outside the square’, an ability to focus less on a direction and more on the whole array of possibility. This thinking opens the door to more detail and therefore more understanding of a given problem or question.

The periphery of awareness is a smorgasbord of information that escapes most of us daily. We go about our lives with intention and focus, dealing with central themes and maintaining engagement with those affairs. This is of course living our lives in an accepted way and confidently addressing all that is expected of us in a competent and meaning manner. But this extension of awareness that I am suggesting can add so much more to daily experience.

As an example, when you arrive at work you greet people in the usual way, perhaps stop and ask what they did on the weekend. You would listen to their reply and politely answer appropriately and that would be the end of it. When being aware of the periphery, you would see other aspect of that person, not just explaining their weekend. Perhaps they has a fight with their spouse or partner, perhaps an unforgettable romantic interlude, all of which is easily decipherable with the periphery.

What people want you to see is in front of them, as stark and obvious as it can be. What people feel and know is often beyond that central focus, floating around in the periphery of our awareness waiting to be detected. It’s not that people want to hide anything, it’s just that focusing on the day-to-day reality is often all that our awareness can handle, or so we think.

Awakening this expansion of awareness is not always easy, but the reward fare outweighs any negative affect. We become more aware and therefore gain a better understanding, giving us the opportunity to be more patient, accepting and less judgemental with people and circumstances. There is far more to any given circumstance than one can see on the surface. What we are used to is superficiality with most aspects of life. In opening a broader viewpoint, we can adjust and understand in a more complete and affective way.


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