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BEING HAPPY ( directed to your teenager)

Updated on February 25, 2008


Problems at home can lead to problems at school. Never enough time or money in the day to do what you want.

Relationships are complicated, friends turn against you, or you feel your clothes seem out of style or your body doesn't look right to you. Life is full of pot-holes

Drugs, alcohol, careless sex and thrill-seeking don't solve the problems, they only make them worse. If you are being tempted to high-risk behavior, SLOW DOWN .

Nothing can lead you down the wrong road faster then wishing you were someone else or want what someone else has.

First of all you will never be anyone else except yourself.

Second..If you believe in yourself you already have everything you need to live a happy and productive life.

If your friends disappoint you maybe it is time to get some higher standards. If money is a problem..cut back and put yourself on a budget. If you are un-happy about the way your body looks, try getting more exercise. It can change the way you look and will help change the way you feel.

If problems overwhelm you it's OK to stop and ask for help once in a while. Although adults aren't perfect, they want to help and can.

It's OK to fit in...follow the crowd but there comes a time you have to pull out of the pack and discover who you really are.

A wise person once said " I thought I was miserable because I had no shoes, untill I met a person who had no feet"... spend some time helping others who are less fortunate then you and you will find your attitude changing.

You will discover Happiness doesn't depend on having a smooth road ahead...only on having a meaningful direction.

God Bless and be Happy G-Ma :o)



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