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BEWARE OF BELLA LABS . . . .Another Phony Offer

Updated on July 28, 2015

It’s easy to fall for phony offers.

It must be because some of them are legitimate offers and good products and trying a sample for the cost of postage is excellent. Some of the things shown on the Internet are fine products and for the price of shipping why not try them?

The problem is some of these offers are blatant lies, like the following:

*You will have 14 days from the date you receive your bottle to decide if BellaLabs is right for you. By clicking the button to the right and submitting this order, you agree that your card will be charged $4.95 for shipping & handling, you agree to pay $87.63 for your first bottle of BellaLabs unless you cancel your order within 14 days of receipt and return the bottle to us postmarked within 14th days of receipt, and you agree to pay $87.63 each month for a new bottle of BellaLabs that will be automatically shipped to you each month unless you cancel.

Bella Labs is one of the liars and scammers. They promise tremendous results, even miracles for their wrinkle cream, which of course you seriously doubt, but it’s their assurances that you absolutely, positively do not have to pay a penny more over an above your $4.95 shipping fee that sucks you in. You figure you will get a nice quality bottle of skin cream, try it and if it’s wonderful you will order again.

After finding the product tacky and canceling an order to prevent more shipments, Bella Labs sent the following emails.

July 20
"You are required to return the remainder of the product to the address on the back of the bottle. Please make sure your first and last name and order number are clearly written out on the packaging so we may notate the correct account upon receiving. If you have any other questions, feel free to reply to this e-mail or call customer service during our regular business hours. At this moment, your trial is fully cancelled. Thank you."

July 21
"Thank you for using La Creme Skin Care 14 Day Trial Offer. This email is to inform you that your subscription status has been recently updated, and any ongoing or all future charges have been canceled as per your request."

July 21
"If, at the moment, you are unable to return the bottle, keep it as a courtesy. You will not see further charges applied to your account. Thank you."

On July 28, a week after the last correspondence Bella Labs charged my credit card $87.00.

How do these people get away with this? They make offers they have no intention of keeping. A minute or two on Google will tell the entire story and it will mirror the above.

It’s embarrassing to fall for this garbage. Again. :(

Don’t go there ladies.

It comes in a gorgeous bottle at least.
It comes in a gorgeous bottle at least.


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    • mslizzee profile image

      elizabeth 2 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

      Hi Dirt:

      Well you know what they say.There's no fool like an old fool.

    • The Dirt Farmer profile image

      Jill Spencer 2 years ago from United States

      So sorry about your bad experience. Thanks for the warning!