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Back to School for Kids

Updated on August 14, 2011

A rollercoaster of emotions are usually involved when kids think about going back to school. It’s usually a mixture of fear, excitement, and uncertainty which is just normal especially if your kid’s are going to a new school where they don’t know anybody yet. Some of the younger kids may even throw tantrums, express that they are scared, and refuse to go to class without their mom.

To help ease your child’s anxiety, it is advisable to get him familiarized with his surroundings. Some schools will allow you to take a tour during the summer and arrange to meet the teacher. You can grab this chance to introduce your child to his new surroundings. You can show him his classroom, where the bathroom is located, and what entrance and exit to use. You can also introduce him to the teacher, that way if you sense his fear on the first day of school, you can tell him, “Remember Mrs. Smith, the one we met before? She will help you on your first day so you don’t need to worry.”


During your meet with the teacher trip, Remember to alert her if your kid has a special condition or maybe some allergies. Letting the teacher know in advance will not only help your child but will also save her any unwanted surprise.

To tweak up your kid’s excitement for the big day, you should buy him some new back to school stuff. With younger kids, a new backpack full of school supplies, and a pair of new shoes are enough to get them psyched without any further encouragement.


Since your kids have probably been staying up extra late during summer, you would want to gradually move their bedtimes up by about fifteen minutes a night a 2 weeks before school starts. This is to ensure that your tiny-ones get enough sleep before their first day. Getting them into a pattern will help relieve the get back-to-school jitters and insomnia. If your kids are hard-to-drag-out-of-bed type, you should consider buying them an alarm clock with gradually increasing sound, or probably use a timer that would make their bedside lamp turn on just before you want them to wake up.

The going back to school excitement does not only affect kids. The parents definitely feel some kind of rush and sometime are even more anxious than their children. In fact, it is not uncommon to see some Mom’s wiping of a teardrop while dropping off their pre-schooler for the first time. As much as you can, try not to be overly concerned. Your child might not be that nervous but he will be if he sees that you are biting off your fingernails and shooting off your nerves. Remember that it’s normal to feel a little fluttery or nervous about that first school day. Actually, even the teachers feel like that.

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