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Updated on October 27, 2009



Dedication to all celebrities of my class & also to rest of Brilliant Backers......!!

I appreciate all those who like to sit & cheer,

unlike those who sit at front mere;

they sit at back, flying aero planes,

they peep out of huge windows as they are in train;

they less often come to class as they are Bunkers.

This is all about.... My Brilliant Backbenchers. was a boring day and a boring lecture adds mere cold water to it. I was sitting in the class with a very bad mood not even listening, but continuously nodding to teachers gestures like a perfect ‘theta' All of sudden I heard music played by a very important category of our class. U got that...? No doubt they are back benchers.

Most of people consider that they are dumb and down but the evidences are in favor that they are actually the most active people. Basically this category is very artistic in nature. They always keep an eye on the activities of the whole class especially on ‘some-one special' and try very hard to sketch the whole class in front of them very rarely on the paper (as they have no paper) but most often on the desks in front of them or making poetic verses for their beloved ones others solemnly keep their heads down to sleep without making any disturbance to class.

Most of the students are no doubt forced by their parents or ‘some one else' to be in medicine but they actually want to be something else e.g. (pilots, engineers) so they keep on making and flying well designed aero planes. After every good flight and safe landing there is a basic ground sound of whooo!! followed by innocent laugher and cheers of there brilliant engineers.

Whenever any one of this good category wear a new dress and wants to show it to whole class that they are in new outfit these devils continue to disturb their fellows and irritate the humble creature behind the dice to such an extent that he calls that hero in front. The very person walks like a celebrity of the day to teacher through a victorious smile toward his fellows and sits like gentle theta in front rows.

Back benchers not only add colors of life in class but also take flying colors in actual life. If somebody loses his color, he can regain it in the supplementary exam.

Back benchers of PMC are also very famous to produce brilliant singers, actors, artist and composers of this nation. As the students sing, whistle and continue to act innocently to amuse their neighbors to abide by the great privilege of ‘Huqooq-ul-Ibad.' Despite the fact that most of people including thetas and teachers dislike them as they are back benchers, I believe that class without them is just like a story without heroin, a flower without fragrance, a nation without devotion and a lamp without light...

May God bless them and give rest to their devilish souls.


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    • nilum profile image

      nilum 6 years ago

      Thx dear

    • profile image

      Binaya.Ghimire 6 years ago

      As a student I too was backbencher. I smiled so much through out the reading session that I went into the memory lane.