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Backward writing- After School activity

Updated on May 8, 2010

Backward Writing

Can you read this backward writing?
Can you read this backward writing?

After School Activity- Backward Writing

Materials you need:

1. Paper

2. pen or pencil


Can you print the letters of your name backword?  It isn't easy, but it's nun to try.  Spell your name with the letters in their usual order, but draw the letters backward.

Try it both with all capitals and ussing uppercase and lowercase.  Some capital leters are the same forward and backword, such as A or H, but theri lowercase versions are not the same (a, h)

Try it while looking in a mirrow and aslo without using a mirrow. Which way is easier?  Which way is more fun?

Can you write a whole sentence using backward letters?  How about a note to a friend?  Will your friend be able to read what you have written?

uoy evol I.



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