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Fantasy Bacteria

Updated on January 6, 2018

There are a variety of organisms everywhere, bacteria, like the Cocci family, the Spirilla family, or even the Bacilli family, which just like us are misunderstood, others make fun of them because they think the Bacilli family are the “weirdest.” Also there are the Protozoa, a big family but very diverse, there’s the Ciliates, who has 2 nuclei the Macronucleus and the micronucleus, they control different functions, and the Amoeboids, they live in exoskeletons, I think it just makes it makes them slower,but what do I know, I am just a lowly, “evil” organism. Also there are Flagellates which chooses to live in water since their tail works best in water. Lastly the Sporozoans, others call them my families “brother,” which is very untrue.

Have you guessed what I am yet? Our family are the most famous out of all of these, for not really good reasons. We are the undead but not living: I am a proud leading elder of the big virus family. Nobody understands me and my family. Nobody wants to even see us, when they recognize us, they immediately send these very annoying antibodies and then we are gone. Our family just needs to reproduce and go on. It is our natural instinct. This is our story and our world, and we’d love t o share it, that is if and only if others leave us alone.

I shall tell you some of our stories, we viruses has been on this planet for millions and millions of years. For now let’s shorten that a bit and talk about some of the most famous of our family: Ebola.. Viruses have only 1 purpose: To Reproduce. A human body would make a perfect home for us. We inject our DNA into our host’s membrane, DNA is a set of directions, we tell the host to make more replicas of ourselves, until BOOM, the cell explodes, releasing the thousands and thousands of the replica of us and the replicas of us do the exact same things as we do`and we quickly destroy a lot of cells in a short time.

One day when one of the descendants of Ebola, Ash Ebola, was striving around in the air, he got inside a human body when he had a open wound while he was sucked in, he was very mad of why he couldn’t just be left alone, he decided to take revenge on Jackie, his new host, he starts by attacking the immune cells cause he thinks they are the biggest threat and also the most annoying. He then started using the cells to make new replicas of itselves, as he and his new “sons” travel along the bloodstream, a type of cell called macrophages eat them up and then infects them with the virus, everything seems ruined, some of the cells and bacteria already gave up, but one the Cocci family members: Mia Cocci decided it was time for it to stop the menace Ash was starting, she was the most sensible one among her siblings. Wherever she went, she saw chaos going on, as the small army of immune cells fight, but most of them didn’t even put up a fight, not because of cowardice, but because they were the 1st line of defense and got infected. Stopping Ash seemed impossible, especially when a lot of bacteria wouldn’t help her because almost ⅓ of the bacterial diseases started with the Fallen Cocci which they called a group of the Cocci family who has fallen into darkness and starts attacking even its own family. The elders of their family banished them into exile, what a waste, they could’ve joined our family and we would have warmly welcomed them.

Mia was determined to destroy Ash, she did everything she could to help make the antibodies and medicine against Ash, but nothing seemed enough, even with the help of supplies from outside, she asked the elders, the elders said there is a legendary substance called Glutaraldehyde, this weapon is the key of destroying the viruses, just a little can destroy all viruses, Mia quickly went out and ran as fast as she could to the factory, she told the factory to make Glutaraldehyde using 5 carbon, 8 Hydrogen, and 2 Oxygen, some of the workers already gave up and some were infected, some of the healthy didn’t think it was possible, only a fraction of the workers tried to make it, and with the body’s automatically heating up, they are working extra slow, and on the fact that the virus army is coming for them. Unfortunately for Mia, she didn’t realize that a spy has listened to the conversation between her and the Elders, the spy quickly returned and spread the news.

Ash sent a few million viruses to attack the factory, they were coming to hunt them down, one by one, and are ready to kill them brutally. The cells also heard the news that they were coming, all of the factory workers started working in anxiety, they agreed that at least they can try to kill them, because even if they stopped, they would still die, as the army got closer and closer, the workers got increasingly nervous, as the army was almost at their doorstep, they were tired, even though they were tired, they still worked as hard as they could, especially Mia. As the viruses were here the workers were almost done. The viruses blowed down the wall and KABOOM, all of the workers threw some of the Glutaraldehyde at them, they died almost at once, the workers all collapsed, it had worked, they have succeeded in protecting the body, Mia then went to the bloodstream and gave the surviving red blood cells some Glutaraldehyde each, Ash was quickly tracked down and executed.

Everyone was celebrating after they won, they threw a party, and they through Mia Cocci, the savior of the body, up and down, up and down, and then the body all trusted the Cocci family again, everybody lived happily and peacefully ever after.


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