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Bad Circulation, Am I A Victim

Updated on August 16, 2011
Here is a photo diagramming the human circulatory system. Click The Photo For Full Size Photo.
Here is a photo diagramming the human circulatory system. Click The Photo For Full Size Photo.

Do I Have Bad Or Poor Circulation?

There are millions of people around the world who know they suffer from poor circulation and there are millions of more people who have poor or bad circulation but they don't know it.

If you notice one or both legs swelling and you don't know why it may be a sign of poor circulation. If you think you have leg swelling but your not 100 percent sure you can take your finger and push in just above your ankle and then remove your finger after 10 seconds. After you remove your finger the skin should bounce back. However if the indent stays there then you have edema which is the retention of fluid in the lower legs. If you find that you have edema then you should seek medical advice from your doctor.

In case you don't know bad circulation occurs when fatty deposits occur in the lining of the artery walls. What then happens is that blood gets blocked by the fatty deposits and this results in poor circulation.

You may also have leg pain and if you suddenly start experiencing leg pain where you had no leg pain before then you definitely need to seek medical advice from your doctor. You may find that your legs itch and ache and you may be able to put your legs up and get relief from your symptoms. If this occurs then your probably experiencing poor or bad circulation.

Another of the first symptoms you may have as a result of bad circulation may be cramping in your hands or feet or a tingling sensation in your feet or hands. Some people refer to it as a pins and needles feeling. Sometimes you can shake or rub your hands or feet and get relief. If this happens and happens often you need to tell your doctor your concerns.

Here is a diagram of the human heart. Click the image for full size image.
Here is a diagram of the human heart. Click the image for full size image.

Poor Circulation In The Feet And Legs

Are You A Victim Of Bad Or Poor Circulation?

The head is filled with many blood vessels and if you suddenly start experiencing bad head aches where you had none before then you may indeed have poor circulation. If you suddenly start having severe migraines or sudden headaches then you may indeed have poor circulation and you may want to discuss this with your doctor.

On thing that gave me a clue that I had poor circulation was I suddenly starting waking up quite often with very bad leg cramps and other times I felt as if one of my hands or arms had gone to sleep. When it would wake me up and I would start to rub the effected area it would fill as if I was being pricked with needles in that area. I discussed it with my doctor and the doctor confirmed that I was indeed experiencing poor circulation.

You should know that bad circulation can result in heart attack, loss of limbs, stroke and in some cases death so if you think you may have bad circulation the first thing you should do is make an appointment with your doctor and talk to the doctor about what is happening to you and your concerns. The doctor may send you to have tests done and you may have to wait for those medical tests to be completed before the doctor can tell you if you have bad circulation or not.

If you do have bad circulation some of the things the doctor may have you to do are.

1. Quit smoking if you do smoke.

2. Go on a low cholesterol diet.

3. If your a diabetic medicines may have to be adjusted to control your diabetes better.

4. You may have to be put on blood pressure medicine or your blood pressure medicine may have to be adjusted.

5. You may have to go on a fat free diet.

6. You may need to start exercising.

7. You may have to make several life style changes.

And remember that exercise doesn't have to be a dirty word. Did you know that you can walk yourself thin? And you may want to check out the weight loss super page.

Weight loss and exercise really can help you with bad circulation problems but you really need to discuss this with your doctor. Before you go to the doctor right down any questions you may want to ask your doctor.

Weight loss can usually help poor circulation and if you start walking on a regular basis it can usually help you. Just discuss your health situation with your doctor first. Ask the doctor about starting a regular walking regimen and see what the doctor thinks. You really can walk yourself thin and it starts with the first steps. Jogging or running really isn't necessary as walking can be very healthy for you. Just discuss it with your doctor first.

Your doctor can always give you the best medical advice. If you think you are the victim of bad circulation then you need to discuss it with your doctor.

Have you ever thought you had bad circulation? Ask your questions or post your comments now. And thanks for reading.

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    • Paradise7 profile image


      8 years ago from Upstate New York

      Excellent advice. I've started with the leg and toe cramps when I go to sleep. I've tried to walk consistently every day, and that helps. If I miss a day, the leg and toe cramps come back, so I really think walking and more exercise is the right answer. Doc says my heart is fine but my overall body tone is not so good. Doc also recommended walking.


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