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An Overviw of Global Deforestation

Updated on August 21, 2012


The most significant reason of deforestation is the lack of understanding and respect for the natural vegetation and also the mindless exploitation of the same. Lack of planning by Third World countries result in the cutting down of millions of hectares of forestlands each year. Population explosion in Third World countries are also a major reason wherein excessive pressure is applied on nature by humans. Examples of countries such as Bangladesh can be cited here. Bangladesh is a country of about 144,000 km that is roughly the size if Iowa, its total population is 120 million. Currently Bangladesh has 7,300 square kms of land area (Vajpeyi, 2001). The growing population is putting pressure on nature and the result is rapid deforestation in all parts of Bangladesh. The reason is also that the population of Bangladesh is poor and they need sustenance and space to exist.

In European and other developed countries, deforestation is also complimented by afforestations. For each tree that is cut down, new saplings are placed elsewhere. Resultantly, European forests are increasing significantly. Proper care and effort are needed from the governments of the developing and Third World countries to ensure that the growth is sustainable and that it does not necessarily create a considerable dent on the natural resources and a tipping of the delicate balance of nature.

Steps Taken to Stall Deforestation

The growing concern over global warming and climate change are direct results of rampant deforestations and also the effect of Green House gases. Forests are a prime option for the absorption of Green House gases. Unfortunately, the flight of human technology and development are pumping fossil fuels into the atmosphere and thus, we are taking away one of the most effective weapons to fight global warming and climate change- our forests.

Large scale tropical hurricanes, excess rainfall and flooding are simple indications that our planet’s climate is changing. Once the tipping point is reached there will be no looking back.

A notable event of the Second World War was when the allied forces burned down thousands of hectares of prime forestland and resources, thus setting back the development of forests by a century. There are other notable military reasons including that of the Vietnam War when bombs and shelling destroyed arable fertile land to the tune of 44%.

World over, scientists, environmentalists, and other ordinary people are forming groups and NGOs which are fighting for the rights of every living being on this planet. They are fighting to save the planet from the imminent dangers of deforestations. Drastic climate pattern changes and the increase of green house gases in the atmosphere are things that are going to make our planet uninhabitable in the near future. We are already witnessing horrible hurricanes, flooding and widespread damage of landslides and other natural phenomenon which are being caused by the shifting of climate pattern.



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