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Baltic Sea Anomaly - New Video Update - UFO, Unidentified Submerged Object

Updated on July 15, 2013

New Baltic Sea UFO Video - Hoax or Proof

*reporting for the Daily Constitutional: Investigative Journalist GA Anderson

July 16, 2012

New Baltic Sea UFO Video and Ocean X team expedition interviews - Hoax or Proof. Swedish government has no comment, and electronic equipment fails. Return expedition to unidentified submerged object shadowed by Swedish Coast Guard, but the team is allowed to continue exploration.

These, and other headlines tout the story of the Ocean X team's second exploration of the original site of the sonar discovery.

Since the initial discover in July 2011, (see initial Baltic Sea UFO story here), the controversy surrounding the expedition ship Ocean Explorer and its mysterious discovery of a submerged object has all the makings of a Hollywood movie; government cover-up and conspiracy, extraterrestrial bases, paranormal phenomenon, and now - a return expedition adds more mystery.

Swedish Coast Guard Shadows Ocean X Expedition

After the controversy over the Swedish government's confiscation of the Ocean Explorer's initial discovery data and images, the second expedition to the discovery site was met with silence from the government.

An interview request to Anna-Karin Hatt, the Swedish Minister for Information Technology and Energy, received the response, (from the Minister's spokesperson, Lenna Borgetstrom), that the Ministry would have "No Comment" on the Baltic Sea issue, or Ocean X team explorations.

Although the government appeared to express no interest in the treasure hunter's (Peter Lindberg), return voyage, several of the team's crew members had still, and video footage of the Swedish Coast Guard vessel that shadowed the team's ship through-out the operation.

Second Expedition to Submerged UFO Fails

The big news from the team's second voyage to the submerged Baltic Sea object was - no news.

The team returned to the site with its robotic undersea imaging equipment, a stronger side-scanning sonar unit, and two of its most experienced deep-water divers; Dennis Åsberg and Peter Lindberg, the team leader.

Mysteriously, none of their electronic equipment, including the side-scanning sonar unit, the robotic imager, nor even their satellite phones, would work when they were within a 500 or 600 foot radius of the object. Consequently the team was unable to obtain any further hard-image data or soundings, but they did make other discoveries.

The team made two dives on the object and returned with core and geological samples, which were sent to their headquarters's labs for examination, (the results have yet to be released), and they also returned with several physical observations.

The divers were able to confirm that the object's physical presence matched the original sonar image, it was not an imaging anomaly - but a real physical object. According to Dennis Åsberg, the team's lead diver, "It is a circular object, and it is not a submarine." He also noted that they found a circular hole that appeared to lead to the center of the object. Although he could not confirm what the hole was, or led to, he was sure it was not a missile silo as some have speculated.

The second discovery of the dives was that there appeared to have been activity on the object that could not be explained by any natural occurrences on the seabed. Specifically, a front section of the object, which appeared to be a dome, was completely covered with sand, bare of vegetation, (the rest of the object was only streaked with sand and vegetation), and ringed by a circle of what could only be described as purposely placed rocks. (a reporter for the Swedish TV station NDTV described it, "like a pearl necklace of rocks.")

The "secret" second anomaly found!

Equipment Failure Deepens Mystery

According to a telephone interview with team leader Peter Lindberg, they do plan a third exploration of the site, with more sophisticated imaging equipment. But unlike many "others," Lindberg does not think the equipment failure of this expedition had anything to do with paranormal forces or alien emanations from the object. He believes he has a very clear idea why most of his electronics failed to work when in proximity of the object, but worked fine when away from it:

"I don't have any proof of course, but I will say that I think our equipment failures had something to do with the Coast Guard boat that was around us during the entire expedition. Even though they did not hinder or crowd us, their vessel was larger and more sophisticated than most of the Coast Guard boats we typically see, and it was never more than 400 meters away from the dive site."

"It is known that electronic jamming devices exist, and that most of the world's military powers have them, so why would I think Sweden does not? Wouldn't that be a more plausible explanation for our equipment failures than saying it was alien forces? Especially since the government intruded so quickly and heavily into our first discovery of the object, including confiscating my data, but made no contact or effort to interfere with this trip to the site."

*Editor's note: An inquiry to Karin Enström, Sweden's Minister of Defense, concerning Mr. Lindberg's speculations went unanswered, but a source in the Minister's office did confirm that the Coast Guard vessel was ordered to observe Lindberg's operation at the dive site.

Original article: Baltic Sea UFO, Unidentified Submerged Object, or Hoax

News Update:

>>> Nazi Expert Claims Baltic UFO is Secret German Anti-submarine Weapon


About the Author

Writing for the Daily Constitutional, and commentary from the Curmudgeon's desk - GA Anderson

"Seeing it does not make it real, and reading it does not make it true. Use a little common-sense and trust your instincts." - GAA

*Composite image component source citations: Creative Commons images,,, *photo and image source credits: divider and separation images -

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    • profile image

      Exiled Phoenix 4 years ago

      I demand to be named captain when this ship is ready to go!

    • GA Anderson profile image

      GA Anderson 4 years ago from USA

      Thanks for the comments folks - it is a mystery isn't it.

    • Writer Fox profile image

      Writer Fox 4 years ago from the wadi near the little river

      I hope someone will provide an explanation. It's certainly an amazing discovery.

    • LuisEGonzalez profile image

      Luis E Gonzalez 5 years ago from Miami, Florida

      Very intriguing....can't wait to learn more!

    • profile image

      adrian 5 years ago

      Keep putting pressure on the government, they could invoke a matter of national security and relieve Ocean x team of all rights over the ufo, but the truth needs to surface, the world is ready for total disclosure!