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Basic tips to survive in the wild on your own

Updated on June 29, 2015

Basic tip to survive in the wild on your own

Basic tips I can give to someone is to stop, not panic, assess your situation in a logical manner and find out what's the best way to get yourself to come out of the survival situation.

In a time like this, you need to think about these 4 things:

1. Water

2. Food

3. Protection/Shelter

4. Rescue/Navigation

Water is the obvious thing you need to address first as its the first thing that is going to kill you if you do not address it. To acquire drinking water, you need to make sure that the water you drink is free of harmful chemicals, bacteria/viruses and other impurities.

Food, protection is the next on the list. You'll need food to survive as with any other living thing on this planet. Protection is to shield yourself from the elements which can deteriorate your health and well being (such as cold weather, hot weather, mosquitoes, etc)

Lastly, of course, you want to get out of that survival situation. One of which is you must locate rescue or your own rescue (find your own way out to civilisation). Learning to navigate using primitive methods can be very useful and should not be overlooked.


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