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Futuristic Bathroom Design Ideas

Updated on November 10, 2017
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Practicing as a professional interior designer for 30+ years, I do design & build projects & offer tips on how to do simple design tasks.

What should we expect from futuristic bathroom designers?

Have you ever wondered how technologically advanced tomorrow’s bathroom will become? How radically different will they be from the ones we have in our homes today?

Just as people never imagined the magnitude of today's technological revolution a hundred years ago, the future of our bathrooms may be equally unimaginable.

Today, we have the electric toothbrush which was invented in 1954. We now have body jets built into Jacuzzis, underfloor heating, heated towel rails, and thermostatic shower systems as common features in our bathrooms.

But many of us believe there is more to come. The technical revolution we continuously experience is awesome and is a pointer to the fact that bathroom designs will be equally revolutionized.

Futuristic Bathroom
Futuristic Bathroom | Source

What the Future Predicts

The basic elements that make today’s bathrooms are shower enclosures, whirlpools, bathtubs, bidets, sinks and toilets, and include bathroom accessories like faucets, caddies, bathroom mats, toilet roll holders and soap dispensers. These will probably remain unchanged as they have been for over half a century.

For the future, we can only speculate on the shapes and forms all of them may take, what is certain though is that the bathroom will evolve into a hi-tech room.

Future Bathroom Designs to Expect?
Future Bathroom Designs to Expect? | Source

Futuristic bathrooms will most probably be so advanced, we may find that we’ll spend more time in there than we do in the kitchen. These are some thoughts of what to expect.

  • Get information as we shower and interact effortlessly with others while bathing
  • Shower curtains that serve as display screens where we can catch up with social media sites and listen to breaking news
  • Hi-tech lavatories that can measure blood sugar levels and blood pressures
  • Taps that can be controlled remotely, so you can run a soapy bath on your way back from work
  • Walls that act as movie screens
  • Interactive mirrors that offer tips on how to dress up for the day and tips on how to apply the perfect makeup
  • Waterproof speakers from a multi-room hi-fi system
  • Self-sanitising toilet seats
  • Water conservation systems
  • Wall mounted touch pads that will replace levers and handles
  • Antibacterial electrolyzed water that will clean and remove germs from the toilet bowl.
  • Health checking mirrors that employ the latest technology to evaluate your well-being
  • Robots that clean your bathroom, give you a massage or varnish your nails
  • Preprogrammed music playlists that understand your mood and will play accordingly
  • Surfaces that generate light and adjust lighting levels depending on the activity we are going to perform.
  • Voice commands using a smartphone
  • Sensors that’ll help you to identify drops in your immune system, moods, cardiac rhythm, etc…
  • Hands-free flushing system that follows with a deodorizer
  • Built-in bidets with warm air-drying functions

Technological Innovations Will Make Future Bathrooms Havens of Comfort

Futuristic bathrooms are going to recognise their users automatically and will most probably set up water and shower mode for each member of the household for optimal convenience. For the safety of each user, fixtures will mechanically adjust heights and position to suit each family member while the medical information for each person will be available as needed.

More than ever, they will become havens of comfort, relaxation and convenience, while also taking care of our usual bathroom routines.

It is most certain that technological innovations will be the priority in future bathrooms and what today are accessible only to a fortunate few will become a standard across bathrooms in most homes.

How long do you think it will take before we see hi-tech innovations in our bathrooms?

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