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Bathroom Designs of the Future. What to Expect

Updated on January 5, 2021
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Working as a professional interior designer for many decades, I've been involved in design-and-build residential building projects.


Even with the modern innovations in bathroom designs, it can be said that bathroom interiors haven’t changed drastically over the decades. Save for some modern additions like spa baths, custom vanities, body jets built into Jacuzzis, wet rooms, heated towel rails, stylish storage ideas, underfloor heating, and thermostatic shower systems the changes are generally in bathroom styles, interior layouts, and finishes.

With today’s speedy technological advancement, what should we expect from bathroom designers in, say, a couple of decades into the future? How radically different will they be from our own bathroom designs in our homes today?

Just as people never imagined the magnitude of today's technological revolution a hundred years ago, the future of our bathrooms may be equally unimaginable. But we believe there is more to come. The technical revolution we continuously experience is awesome and is a pointer to the fact that future bathroom designs will be equally revolutionized.

Features to Expect in Future Bathroom Designs

The basic elements and common features that make bathrooms designs are shower enclosures, whirlpools, bathtubs, bidets, vanity units, water closets, and accessories like faucets, caddies, bathroom mats, towel rails, storage cabinets, toilet roll holders and soap dispensers.

These common features of this early 21st century will probably remain unchanged, just as they have been for over half a century.

In the future, we can only speculate on the shapes and forms all of them may take, however, what is certain is that future bathroom will evolve into bathing and relaxing rooms with series of built-in hi-tech implements.

If you have watched the movie “Fahrenheit 451”, a sci-fi drama movie based on a dystopian future, it is certain you must remember that bathroom scene where the leading actor, Michael B Jordan was swiping across a mirrored-wall that served as a screen that displayed everything from reading and responding to messages, to speaking and planning with his colleagues at the fire department.

Future bathroom designs may be so advanced that we may find that we spend more time in our bathroom than we do in the kitchen.

These are some thoughts on what to expect in bathroom innovations.

  1. Information hub - Receiving information as we take a shower or soak in the bathtub while interacting effortlessly with others.
  2. Watch television – You can listen to your favourite news channel or get updates and breaking news.
  3. Display screens – Perhaps shower curtains may also serve as display screens where we can catch up with our social media sites like check on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook (or whatever applies in the future) while doing our bath time regimen.
  4. High-tech lavatories - Lavatories with display monitors that can measure your blood sugar level, body temperature, and blood pressure. This innovation will be a great way to monitor our health. right there as soon as we sit on the toilet.
  5. Remote controlled faucets - Taps that can be controlled remotely, so you can run a soapy bath on your way back from work. Run a bath and add your favourite bath salts or gel as you drive into your street.
  6. Movie screens – You won’t require a television or projector screen in a futuristic bathroom because the walls will be a movie screen. Watch a movie while having a long soak in the bathtub.
  7. Interactive mirrors - Wall mounted mirrors will also serve as monitors that for instance, offer tips on what to wear, how to dress up for the day, and how to apply your day or evening makeup perfectly.
  8. Waterproof speakers - Listen to music or inspirational talks from speakers installed in the shower or bathtub and connected via a multi-room hi-fi system.
  9. Self-sanitising toilet seats - This has already been invented and used in some regions in Europe and the United States. It is automatic, self-cleans, disinfects, and dry’s you up after each use. Soon, toilet seats will possess, among other features, heated seats, footrests, lids that automatically open and close, and probably integrated sound systems.
  10. Water conservation systems - As water availability reduces, water conservation becomes imperative. This means that flushing systems will be designed to use a quarter of what today’s toilets use.
  11. Wall mounted touch pads – Imagine if there are no more handles, knobs, and levers and these features are replaced with touchpads? You will be able to touch-control lights, faucets, devices, screens, etc....
  12. Antibacterial electrolyzed water - Sanitizing will become an automatic feature in future bathroom designs. Toilet water will have “ultra-high effect and wide-spectrum disinfectant” that is colourless, odourless, and harmless to humans. Antibacterial water will clean and kill germs found in future toilet bowls.
  13. Health check - Employing the latest technology to help evaluate you and your family's health and well-being at the touch of a button.
  14. Robots – Imagine having robots to do all your chores including cleaning your bathroom. What if they can hand you a bath towel or robe, give you a body massage, a facial massage, or even a manicure and pedicure?
  15. Background music - Pre-programmed music or playlists that understands your mood and will play accordingly so when you feel low it will detect your disposition and play music that will make you feel better. And if you feel good, it'll play music that will make you feel great.
  16. Surfaces – Countertops that generate light and adjust lighting levels, depending on the bathroom activity we intend to perform.
  17. Voice commands - Use your voice for every command, like lifting up toilet seat covers, commanding faucets to dispense hot, warm, or cold water, or commands to turn on the movie screen. It will be something like the command, "open sesame".
  18. Sensors - That will help identify drops in your immune system, moods, cardiac rhythm, etc…
  19. Hands-free flushing system – When you are done with using the toilet, as soon as you get up from the seat, the toilet will flush and deodorize automatically.
  20. Built-in bidets – Bidets and bidet systems built into toilets will produce blasts of warm air that serves as drying functions.

Future Bathroom Designs to Expect?
Future Bathroom Designs to Expect? | Source

How long do you think it will take before we see hi-tech innovations in our bathrooms?

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Innovations Will Make Future Bathrooms Havens of Comfort

Future bathroom designs will incorporate functionality with health and lifestyle facilities which means the room will not only function as a place to bathe and use the toilet, it will also keep a tab on your health, give you lifestyle tips, and inspire you in ways that will make you approach each day with enthusiasm.

The room will automatically recognise household users and know who showers with hot water and who prefers lukewarm water. Modes can be set up for each member of the family for optimal convenience. For the safety of each user, fixtures will mechanically adjust heights and position to suit each family member and provide personal medical information for each person.

Future bathroom designs will not only become havens of comfort and relaxation, but they will also serve as a user-friendly convenience. A kind of get-away rooms that takes care of our usual bathroom routines.

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