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Battle of Los Angeles

Updated on March 27, 2011

The Iconic Photo

The Iconic Photo of the 'Object' involved in the Battle of Los Angeles.
The Iconic Photo of the 'Object' involved in the Battle of Los Angeles.

The Event

On the 24th and 25th of February, 1942, an object was detected on radar, inbound for Los Angeles. A total blackout was ordered, and at 3:16 AM, the 37th Coast Artillary Brigade began to open fire with anti-aircraft weaponry. Some 1400 rounds of ammunition were fired at a target. The anti-air fire stopped at 4:14 AM. 

During the firing, some damage was done to civilian buildings. In addition, there were three civilian casualties as a direct result of the firing, and three more people had heart attacks and died during the raid. 

While the 'raid' was on the front page on the West Coast, it was qucikly overlooked and forgotten.The Army reported that it was a weather balloon, or a special ballistic balloon to discourage low-flying bombers. 

However, many people believe that it was actually a UFO Encounter. While it wasn't connected or publicized as the Hill Abduction or Walton Abduction, it has still gained a bit of notoriety among the UFO press

Was it a UFO?

May people believe that a simple weather balloon would not have been able to withstand that volume of anti-aircraft fire. Many more believe that the above photo shows the underside of an unidentified craft.

The show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files recently did a review of the Battle of LA, due to help publicize the movie. Their tests to reproduce the physical happening were very thorough, and support two facts:

A) That something is in the photo

B) That the 'something' is not a typical balloon. 


What do you think the Object is?

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